Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.


Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
What a person fears, they thoughtlessly persecute through ignorance

Scrying is the technical name for crystal ball gazing. Crystal balls can be made from a variety of materials. I have listed them in order:

Genuine rock crystals of any size are rare - doubly rare - when it is without any flaws. Not everyone can use such a crystal. It may be too strong and tend to dominate one. Glass spheres can be obtained, and those are useful for gaining the necessary preliminary experience. A good size is from three to four inches; however size is NOT important at all. The important point is to be sure that there are no flaws. Small crystals, of rock or glass have the advantage of light weight, and that is considerable when one tends to hold the sphere. Having received your crystal, as soon as you unpack it wash it in running water and DON'T use any soap. Carefully dry it - have a cloth especially for this - and then examine it - holding it with a dark cloth. The reason? Wash it to remove any finger marks which may appear to be faults and remove any trace of the previous people who have handled the crystal, and hold it so that YOUR fingerprints do not mislead you. You cannot expect to sit down, look in the crystal, and 'see pictures'. Nor is it fair to blame the crystal for your failure. It is merely an instrument and you wouldn't blame a telescope if you looked through the wrong end and saw only a small picture, some people just cannot use a crystal.

Let us assume though, that you have invested in a crystal and you are resting completely at ease in your room in the evening. Your curtains or blinds have been drawn to cut out any direct rays of light. The room is so dark that you can hardly see the outline of the crystal. It is so dark that you certainly cannot see any pinpoints of light in the crystal. Instead the whole thing is hazy, almost 'not there' you know that you are holding it, you know that you can see 'something'. Keep looking into the crystal without trying to see anything, look into the crystal as if you were looking in the far far distance. This crystal will be just a few inches from you, but instead you have to look miles. Then you will see the crystal gradually begin to cloud, you will see white clouds form, and the crystal, instead of being apparently of clear glass, will appear to be full of milk. Now is the critical time, do not jerk, do not let yourself become alarmed, as so many people do, because the next stage. The whiteness rolls away like curtains being drawn away to disclose a stage. Your crystal has gone - vanished - and you see instead the world. You are gazing down as a God on Olympus might look upon the world, you see perhaps the clouds with a continent beneath, you have a sensation of falling; you might even involuntarily jerk forward a little. Try to control this because if you do jerk you will 'lose the picture' and have to start all over again some other night.

Let's supposing you did not jerk, then you will have the impression that you are speeding down and the world is getting larger and larger, you will find continents sweep beneath you, and then you will come to a halt at some particular spot. You might see a historical scene, you might even appear to land in the middle of a war and find a tank charging at you. There is nothing to be alarmed at in this because the tank cannot hurt you, it will go right through you and you will not know a thing about it. You may find that you are seeing apparently through the eyes of some other person, you cannot see the person's face, but you can see all that he or she would see. Again, do not be alarmed, do not allow yourself to jerk, you will see quite clearly, quite plainly, and although you do not actually hear a sound you will know everything that is being said. So it is that we see in clairvoyance. It is a very easy thing provided - again - that you have some faith. Some people do not actually see a picture, some people get all the impressions without actually SEEING. This often happens to a person who is engaged in business. We can have a very clairvoyant person indeed, but if that person be engaged in business or commerce, then often there is a sceptical attitude which makes it difficult to actually see the picture, the person subconsciously thinks that such a thing cannot be, and as clairvoyance will not be completely denied the person gets impressions 'somewhere in the head' which are, nevertheless, as real as are the pictures. With practice you can see clairvoyantly. With practice you can visit any period of the world's history and see what that history really was. You will be amused and amazed when you find most frequently that history was not as written in the history books, for history as written reflects the politics of the time.

Once you have finished Scrying you must immerse the crystal in running water to erase the impression you have just seen. Allow it to rest on a cloth on the bottom of the bowl, and then lift it out with another cloth. Do not let your hands touch it yet - that is an important point to remember when using a crystal - one should always demagnetise it after each reading. The crystal becomes magnetised by the person holding it in much the same way as a piece of iron will become magnetised if brought into contact with a magnet. With the iron it is usually sufficient to 'knock' it to cause it to lose its magnetism, but a crystal should be immersed in water. Unless one does demagnetise after each reading the results become more and more confusing. The 'auric emanations' of succeeding people begin to build up and one gives a completely inaccurate reading. No crystal should ever be handled by anyone except the owner, other than for the purpose of 'magnetising' for a reading.

The more the sphere is handled by other people, the less responsive it becomes for you. We were taught that when we had given a number of readings in a day we should take the crystal to bed with us so that we should personally magnetise it by its being close to us. The same result wouldbe attained by carrying the crystal around with us, but we would look rather foolish ambling around twiddling the crystal ball! When not in use, the crystal should lie covered by a black cloth. One should NEVER allow sunlight to fall on it, as that impairs its use for esoteric purposes. Nor should one ever allow a crystal to be handled by a mere thrill seeker. There is a purpose behind this. A thrill-seeker not being genuinely interested, but wanting cheap entertainment, harms the aura of the crystal. It is much the same as handing an expensive camera or watch to a child so that their idle curiosity may be appeased. Most people could use a crystal if they would take the trouble to find what type suited them. We make sure that our spectacles suit us, so crystals are equally important. Some people can see better with a rock crystal, and some with glass. Rock crystal is the most powerful type. All should be washed before and after use and kept in total darkness. For those who have heard that moonlight charges the crystal, this is utter nonsense.

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