Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.


Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
Humans fear that which they do not understand

Pendulums are a lump of material attached to something which will not constrict its movements. A little later we will discuss different types of pendulums, but basically the radiations which can be indicated by a pendulum are radiations in some way similar to radio. They are radiations transmitted by all and every material as it decomposes, or gets ready to change state. We know, for example, that throughout countless years radium decays into lead.

All matter is a whole horde of molecules hopping about like fleas on a hot plate, the smaller the fleas the faster they can jump, the bigger the fleas the slower and more cumbersome, and so it is with all materials. Everything has its atomic number, the number of atoms indicating how slowly or fast it is going to vibrate. All we do in pendulum work is to tune in to some atomic vibrations. When we learn how we can tell which one it is and where it is. When we are dealing with radio we have an aerial system which absorbs, attracts or even intercepts the waves coming through the atmosphere. Perhaps they are bounced back by the Heaviside layer or the Appleton layer, but in addition there is a ground wire which makes contact with the ground wave because you must have two, positive and negative, in everything.

You can take the ground wave as negative and the air wave as positive. So in the matter of pendulums the human body collects the air wave acting as the antenna, or aerial. Both feet should be in contact with the ground to act as the earth connection, or ground. For correct pendulum work it is necessary to keep the balls of both feet on the ground unless one uses another method of tapping the earth current. Of course, using a pendulum is simplicity itself, it is even simpler than simplicity when we know why a thing works.

You cannot tie a pendulum to a hook and expect it to work because there would be no source of current. Nor would it be of much use if we could tie our pendulum to a hook and supply it with current because the current has to be in pulses varying according to the type of action desired. Just as in radio we have high notes, low notes, loud notes, and soft notes. With a pendulum we must have the necessary current variation to do "the necessary". Who is going to vary the current? Well the Overself of course. That is the brightest person we have around us you know. You who are reading this are just one-tenth conscious, so just think how brilliant you would be if you could call in the other nine-tenths of consciousness?

You can certainly enlist its aid, the aid of the subconscious. The subconscious is brilliant as it knows everything that you have ever known, can do everything that you could ever do, and can remember every single incident since long before you were born. So if you could get in touch with your subconscious you would get to know a very considerable amount of things wouldn't you? You can get in touch with your subconscious, with practice and with confidence. The subconscious can also contact other subconscious minds so there are truthfully no limits to the powers of the subconscious mind and when the subconscious mind is allied to other subconscious minds, then indeed results may be achieved. We cannot just ring up a telephone number and ask to speak to our subconscious because we have to look upon that Mind as being something like a very absent-minded professor who is constantly sorting knowledge, storing knowledge, and acquiring knowledge. He is so busy that he can't bother with other people. If you pester him enough in the politest way, then he may answer your requests.

If you are going to make the pendulum work you should make it swing backwards and forwards to indicate yes, and from side to side to indicate no, just as a human does when he nods for yes and shakes his head for no. You have to get over a message like that about three times. You have to explain very slowly, very clearly, and very carefully indeed what you want your subconscious to do and what you expect. Because if you don't know what you want then how can the subconscious give you any information? The subconscious won't know either if you don't know what you want, therefore how will you know when you've found it!

A Wooden Pendulum.

The pendulum should be a ball possibly an inch or an inch and a quarter in diameter. If you can get a very good wooden pendulum so much the better, or you may be able to obtain a neutral metal one. But for the moment any pendulum will do as long as it is about an inch or an inch and a quarter in diameter. You should get a piece of thread such as boot-makers thread use for stitching on soles. You will need about five feet of it. Tie one end to your pendulum which should have a little eyelet on the top for that purpose and tie the other end to an empty cotton reel. Then wind all the thread on to the cotton reel so that when you hold the small cotton reel in the palm of your hand the thread holding the pendulum is between the finger and thumb of your right hand. Your right hand if you write with that one, but if you use your left hand instead, then, of course the pendulum will be used in the left hand. First we have to sensitise or tune our pendulum for the particular type of material we wish to locate.

Supposing we are going to look for gold, first of all you get a little piece of sticky tape, about an inch long is sufficient, and then you put just a very small shaving of solid gold on to the sticky tape and lightly push it on to the pendulum. Then your pendulum has a piece of gold which will sensitise it to that metal. When you have that put your gold ring, or another piece of gold, between your feet.

Stand with this piece of gold, such as a gold ring or a gold watch, between your feet and slowly unwind the thread so that your pendulum lowers to perhaps a foot and a half from your fingers. At this point the pendulum should swing in a circular direction. If it does not do so, lower the thread a little or pull it up a little, the point being you have to ascertain the length of thread at which the pendulum swings most freely for gold. When you have determined that, it may be eighteen or twenty or twenty-two inches or similar, you make a knot in the thread and you write down the exact length, such as Knot One = Gold.

Now put a silver article on the floor; it may be a coin or a piece of silver you have borrowed from somebody else, but it must be solid silver. Again you put a very fine scraping of silver on another piece of Sellotape and put that on to your pendulum, replacing the gold from the previous find. Then you try again to find what the correct thread length is for silver. When you have done that you make another note such as Knot Two = Silver.

You can go on doing it for different metals, and not only different metals but different substances. If you make a proper table, then you should have great fun prospecting. Generally, you will find that in terms of length the first thing to respond at is about twelve inches in length and that's stonework. A bit longer thread and you will get glass or chinaware. Longer still and you will get vegetable stuff. Go on increasing the length and you will get silver and lead, and then a bit further on you will find water. Longer still you will find gold. Still longer copper and brass, the longest will be iron, and iron will be roughly just less than thirty inches.

If you want to know what is beneath you, you just stand there and first of all think of whatever metal you are looking for. You adjust the length of your thread to the appropriate distance, and you very slowly walk forward. At all times, you must definitely keep thinking very strongly of that which you hope to find. Otherwise if you change your mind and think of something else you will not find what you were looking for. Apropos of this let me say that if you are looking for antique porcelain, for instance, and you suddenly think of women then you will get the reaction for gold because the length of thread for gold and for women is precisely the same. Also if a woman thinks about men she will get the reaction as if there was a diamond under the ground! That of course means that you will be completely misled. It would never do if you got the reaction for a diamond so you grabbed a shovel and pick and dug and found instead a dead man. Now, it is advisable to use a shorter-cord pendulum for everyday indoor use. After all, you don't want three, four, or five feet of thread getting tangled up every day. When you are indoors use a separate pendulum.

Until you are more practiced at this how about writing out your questions first and looking at your words to see if there is any way at all in which the question can be regarded as ambiguous, having a double-meaning or is unclear. Let me repeat in big bold black capitals...


Never, never, never let anyone else touch your pendulum as it's very personal to you and you alone. It's got to be saturated with your own impressions. You should have several pendulums, one of wood, one of neutral metal, and perhaps a glass one or plastic one. Ideally, you could even have one which is hollow so you can put a specimen inside instead of sticking samples to it with Sellotape. But you will find one pendulum is more responsive than all the others for personal things, and you can make it even more responsive by carrying it on your person, getting it saturated with your own impressions. If you do that and never let another person use it or even touch it, then you will find you have something as potent and as useful as radar is to aircraft on a foggy night. The pendulum cannot be wrong, yet YOU CAN!

Oh yes, you must be sure that your hands are clean before using the pendulum, otherwise, if, for instance, you have been gardening or stubbing out a cigarette butt in some poor plant pot at home, then you will get a reading for the soil content or the pores of your fingers. So be sure that your fingers and hands are clean. Be sure that your table is clean when doing pendulum work indoors.

How does one hold a pendulum indoors? One rests one's elbow on the table, as already stated, and it should be the right elbow for a right-handed person and the left elbow for a left-handed person. Then you bend your arm so that your hand is at such a height from the table that your pendulum, which is suspended at the end of its cord rests about two inches above the surface of the table. You actually hold the cord between your thumb and forefinger and if you want to shorten the cord an inch or so in order to get a better swing, do so. Always adjust the length of the cord so as to get the best swing or indication. Now that should be clear enough, you just hold your forearm at such an angle that you are comfortable. You must be comfortable or you will not be able to do pendulum work. Similarly, if you have just had a heavy meal you will not be able to do pendulum work, or if you have something bothering you greatly unconnected with this pendulum as it will distract your attention. You must be in a fairly quiet state of mind, and you must be willing to work with the subconscious.

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