Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

Homosexuals - Disabled

Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
In the eye of God all people are equal, and in the eye of God all creatures are equal. Race, colour, creed, and gender matter not, all people bleed red

Over time both Homosexuals and Disabled people have been victimised by the ignorant, just because they were different. Yet both homosexuals and disabled people selected that lifestyle before they came to Earth, as everyone does. It is completely useless to denounce homosexuals or disabled people as they are without any doubt not the villains that some people today make them out to be.

When we use the word homosexuals we are referring to Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, Transgender, etc. Many people think that homosexuals are just over sexually active people who just want to jump into bed with whoever and whenever to satisfy any carnal lusts. Now whilst that is only true to the 2nd group, the majority of homosexuals are very kind sensitive people who just want to love and be loved.

Homosexuals fall into three groups:

Male and Female are just two halves to a greater whole. One half is Yin and the other Yan, both halves equal in their own right, neither being better than the other. All humans usually alternate between each sex on every reincarnation so does it matter what sex you are in this life? The true you, your Overself, takes on a male or female physical role depending on the lessons to be learnt whilst on Earth. Now someone who is homosexual is simply a female psyche within a male physical, or vice versa. That person's Overself has chosen that combination for the lessons to be learnt, lessons which cannot be achieved being purely male or female. We must remember that we are only 1/10th conscious, therefore have no idea what the other 9/10th needs to learn, because our physical body is not ours to do with as we see fit.

In the hurly-burly of getting from the astral world to that world we call Earth, mix-ups occur. Being born is a traumatic experience, it's a most violent affair, and a very delicate mechanism can easily become deranged. For example, a baby is about to be born and throughout the pregnancy the mother has been rather careless about what she was eating and drinking. So the baby has not received what one might term a balanced chemical input. The baby may be short of a chemical and so development of certain glands may have been halted. Let us say the baby was going to come as a girl, but through lack of certain chemicals the baby is actually born a boy, a boy with the inclinations of a girl or vice versa.

If only heterosexual people would take time out to get to know homosexual people without the ignorant homophobia, you will find they are just like any other person living on this planet. Probably better in fact than most heterosexuals. The average person feels they can spot a homosexual any time or any place, but this is not true, as even among homosexuals it's not true. There are thousands of happily married men and women with very fine children who are homosexuals and who may, or may not, actively "act out" as the psychiatrists like to say.

If a homosexual can find a sympathetic doctor, not a psychiatrist as they never will understand, then glandular extracts can be given which can certainly improve the condition a lot and make life bearable, but unfortunately nowadays with the present breed of doctors who seem to be out to make money only, sadly you have to search a long way to get an understanding doctor. Furthermore, has anyone ever considered that Mother Nature may be playing a major part in this, providing an ideal solution to controlling the planet's population? Because this planet is over-populated with humans and while mankind continues to multiply "ad hoc" a higher power must intervene and take control.

For the record, the crime rate among homosexuals is very, very low. They are very tolerant individuals, not prone to physical violence, and it is extremely rare to hear of rapes in the homosexual world. They are very clean and friendly people if you try and get to know them. A small further interesting fact, some of the world's "finest" have been homosexuals.

Disabled people are also stigmatised today because of ignorance and xenophobia. Many beliefs have stated that this is because they were extremely bad people in a past life and this disability is their punishment. Although that statement is not entirely untrue, it only applies to a very few and certainly not the majority. People choose to be born as disabled, to aid in learning the lessons they are down here to learn. Ask yourself this simple question "how can anyone fully comprehend what it is like to be disabled without actually being physically disabled themselves?" Simple answer is you cannot, so don't judge people by your own ignorance. Disabled people have been labelled with a variety of names, but either way you want to label them we must not forget that they are still people. People who have feelings just as you have. Kind people who just want to be loved just as you do!

Try and see the person within and not just the disability!

The only difference between you and them is that their needs may differ because their disability demands certain additional aids, to live what we can term a normal life. Get to know the person within and don't segregate or isolate them because of what their physical body or disability looks like. The spirit within is far more important than the exterior shell. When it comes to disabled children, in many cases interacting with an animal will get them a type of fellow feeling. The child thinks that the animal cannot talk either so that creates a bond between them. When such a child is given the opportunity to interact with animals, be it a farm or at home (for example) and given tasks within their capabilities, then the responsibility does start up and sparks a response in their intelligence. Mentally retarded and challenged children may have been the cause of a bad birth or time spent within the womb; have you ever thought of that? Or maybe they are here to learn certain lessons with such severe disabilities? Yet these individuals are ostracised beyond belief through no fault of their own. The best thing you can do with these people is to encourage them to mix with animals as this is fact and not fiction. You will then discover they will bond with the animal and their well-being will improve. Read the book titled The Thirteenth Candle chapter eleven.

Does it really matter what colour or shape a person's physical is? If only people took the time out to try and understand these individuals, they would soon discover that they are not all that different from you and me. It's the person within that counts and not the exterior physical. Because that's all it is, a vessel that enables our spiritual body to be here on Earth to experience that which cannot be experienced within the astral planes; so its colour, shape, size or sex matters not!

There will be people which you just cannot get on with in life, that's normal, as that's part of the learning curve. It's about learning to compromise as you cannot have everything your way in life. However, it's no cause to ostracise or harm another just because you both don't get on. Just put it down to a clash of personalities and give each other a wide berth. In most cases if you sit down and get to know them, the clash of personalities then vanishes. If you don't resolve this conflict in this life, you will have to face it in another life.

It's not surprising then that beings from other planets - yes, plural is correct! - do not actually make contact when they can clearly see how we mistreat each other. If they landed today it would just create mass hysteria and resentment through simple ignorance, xenophobia, and lack of common sense. This attitude is very disheartening as these beings, from inner and outer space, could really help mankind in evolving physically and spiritually whilst harmonising us with all other creatures on this planet.