Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

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Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
The subconscious can perform miracles; as it knows everything

For this exercise you will require a wooden pendulum.

Even though Dr Rampa repeated numerous metaphysical instructions in different ways throughout his 19 books, many still cannot grasp the concepts of metaphysics and repeatedly failed when trying to do anything Dr Rampa wrote about. Take Astral Travel for example, it's something we nearly all do every night and yet the majority cannot remember their nights travel. Many have read his books only seeking precise instructions much like a recipe as if they were making a cake or assembling flat-packed furniture, however some cannot even do that right. Metaphysics is a fundamental natural art which takes time and serious dedication, but why do so many people fail?

Let us consider some possibilities as to why;

The majority of spiritual websites seem to get very delusional about metaphysics as if they are special or a chosen one. It’s so very heart-breaking that these people have to dress-up anything spiritual whilst many individuals willingly accept anything they are told without another thought, even when they don't understand. Metaphysics is as natural as breathing or walking and yet it’s your subconscious that holds the key. You don’t need anyone else, just learn to communicate with your subconscious. Your Spiritual path must be walked alone.

When you start learning any metaphysical art the very act of learning or practicing will raise the vibrations of the individual. The goal is to raise one's spiritual vibrations to enable us to perceive higher energies, etc., so for this example we shall be using Astral Travel. You must have gained the cooperation of your subconscious, ascertain if you have any subconscious blocks if not and then remove them. Finally have faith in your abilities, believing that you will succeed by visualising yourself astral travelling, visualise every single step! For this methodology, you will require a pendulum, a pendulum cannot be wrong as it’s your subconscious which is providing all the answers.

So what’s with the pendulum? Well the best and safest method of communicating with your subconscious is via a pendulum. So let us drive this most important point further into your subconscious. Until you have gained the cooperation of your subconscious you will not be able to do the many metaphysical arts Dr Rampa writes about. Also, it will help you to believe and strengthen your confidence because a pendulum is the easiest and fastest way when starting out. Your subconscious is the one, the only one, who will allow you or not to perform any of the metaphysical arts.

You are only one-tenth of a person, your subconscious is nine-tenths, and so you have to show it respect, you have to show affection, you have to show that you can be trusted because if you do not gain the cooperation of your subconscious then you will not do any of the things that Dr Rampa writes about. The mind can give us all that we ask if we will let it, as there are immense powers latent within the subconscious, but you cannot use your subconscious for material self-gain! Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to contact the subconscious as we live in a material world where money and power over others are king. We function at one-tenth consciousness and at most, one tenth of our abilities. By aligning the subconscious on our side we can achieve miracles, as did the Prophets of old, but it must be something which your subconscious wants as well.

When you start learning to use the pendulum, it helps if you make it a daily habit. A habit is an action, or series of actions, which have become impressed upon our subconscious so that we may perform even intricate operations or manoeuvres without conscious effort or the intervention of the conscious mind. The life and actions of most people is merely the following of habits. Most people could just as well be automatons as they get up at the same time in the morning because of habit, they do things at the same time of day because of habit, so practicing to learn how to use the pendulum must become a daily habit.

Are you still determined to continue? Well if you are then this is going to take time, it’s not something which will be achieved overnight. Time depends solely on you and you alone! If you are sure that you really want to do occult work, then the best thing is to devote a certain time each day, seven days a week, half an hour of every evening so it becomes a daily habit. The best way is to visualise as strongly as possible that you are doing what you want to do, visualise each step, because when you can get over to your subconscious that you want to get out into the astral he will metaphorically, unlock the gate and set you free.

However before we start you must ascertain if you have any subconscious blocks stopping you from achieving conscious astral travelling, and the only way of knowing the answer to that question is by communicating with your subconscious. A pendulum works only with your subconscious, although your subconscious can contact other subconsciouses for information, so it’s 100% safe and answers are always 100% true. The pendulum and subconscious cannot ever be wrong but you must take care as your interpretations of the answers can be. Usually by asking the wrong question, or a question which can be answered before you have completed asking the question! Take great care when you phrase your questions so that they are not open-ended questions: see examples below.

So where do these subconscious blocks come from? Well maybe in this life, or a past life, you have consciously astral travelled, without knowing you were and not knowing what was happening this frightened you so much that you subconsciously told your subconscious not to allow that to happen ever again. So that is why we need to know if any blocks exist and then ask for them to be removed.

You must first learn how to use a pendulum correctly, so please read Candlelight all of Chapter One. Read it again and again until it’s sunk into your subconscious. I suggest you read it every night until it’s engrained within your subconscious that it becomes a daily habit of using a pendulum. Practice as instructed so that the pendulum becomes part of you. This could take a week, a month or even a few years to master. Don’t try and rush things, allow it to happen naturally as all things related to metaphysics cannot be rushed. There are no shortcuts for us mere mortals. Remember the old saying "if a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well!" So don’t try looking for shortcuts as there are none.

So make friends with your subconscious. Give him, or her, a name and be sure that you keep that name very, very private indeed. Don’t choose a name which others might guess. I would suggest a double or triple-barrelled name as they are harder for people to guess and cannot inadvertently be uttered during a normal conversation. Examples of famous people with double-barrelled names: Camila Parker-Bowles – Andrew Lloyd-Webber – Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. When you try talking to your subconscious its better if you talk slowly, clearly, and always repeat anything three times.

Once you have gained cooperation of your subconscious it’s time to ask some real questions. Now here is the hard part, how you phrase your questions. You would have read in Candlelight the following from chapter one:


Perhaps we should rephrase that so it reads


So let’s have a look at some questions which will fail, and then some questions which will work.

Wrong Questions:

The subconscious will always reply to the first answerable part of any question, hence you must phrase your questions with great care. Double-check all your questions before asking to avoid errors on your interpretation of the answer. Remember that your subconscious can only answer "Yes" or "No" to all questions. Your subconscious CANNOT be wrong! YOU CAN!

Right Questions:

Note that we say "Will" as you cannot demand, "Demanding" something will get you nowhere! "Grant" would be a better word because you want the cooperation of your subconscious to succeed. NEVER use the word "Give" as that is a demand and you cannot demand anything from your subconscious. Let us assume at this point you have become highly skilled or proficient with your pendulum, and your subconscious is willing to work with you, also you have learnt how to phrase questions correctly. You must now ascertain if you have any subconscious blocks and then ask your subconscious if it is willing to remove them.

Suggested Questions:

If the answer to all the above questions was Yes, you can now try learning how to consciously astral travel knowing you do not have any subconscious blocks to stop you, therefore the only thing which can be stopping you is your lack of belief in yourself! If you get frightened again once you are out of the physical you may create fresh subconscious blocks, so take care and fear not!

If we do not know the technique of a thing, then it becomes a miracle, doesn't it, particularly if it is not in accordance with our own concepts, belief or knowledge. Unfortunately, a number of people have written to Dr Rampa calling him a fake, etc., whilst saying all manner of things which I am sure they will deeply regret once on the other side because they personally could not consciously astral travel. Dr Rampa can only surmise that if a person has the wrong attitude, if a person makes the wrong approach, and has doubts or fears, then it's not so easy to do astral travel.

Daily Astral Travel prayer – (to be repeated three times in a row every morning, midday and night)

On such-and-such a day I am going to travel in the astral world, and I am going to remain fully aware of all that which I do, and be fully aware of all that which I see. I shall remember all this and recall it fully when I am again in my body. I shall do this without fail.

Such-and-such a day should be a date three to six months into the future; you decide. The prayer should be repeated when you wake up, midday and just before you sleep at night. All prayers should be repeated three times. Sit, or lay on your back, with bare feet together with toes and heels touching, and then clasp your hands together so that your fingers of each hand are entwined, spine erect and facing forward. Then call your subconscious by name repeating it three times, and then say your prayer, again repeating it three times in your normal voice, don't whisper, and there is no need to shout. Then one day you will find yourself consciously astral travelling and you will return back to your physical remembering everything. Remember to thank your subconscious three times when finished praying as politeness costs nothing.

People cast about looking for salvation and enlightenment everywhere, bar the one place they should be looking, within themselves. Hence Jesus’ remarks "the kingdom of God is within you" as the answers we seek lie not in any outside source, but only within us! We are what we make ourselves, if we believe in a thing then that thing can be, and I would say that by far the easiest method of finding "salvation" is to obey the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Well, nothing succeeds like success. So read You Forever or The Thirteenth Candle or Beyond the Tenth for more information about Astral travel. Note: Make sure you don't have any major health issues, such as heart or diabetic illnesses before starting.

Many believers in Dr Rampa may think they are alone, isolated and without anyone to exchange ideas or views, this is very common. The spiritual path is something we must complete alone, but there is nothing wrong with having a few likeminded friends along the way. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LobsangRampa/ is the primary Yahoo group for any believers in Dr Rampa to meet and exchange ideas, views and it’s free to join.

~ ~ ~

One good deed a day is an old saying which when applied can do wonders for everyone all over the globe, regardless of sex, age or belief. Not only for you but also for the person receiving the good deed because applied correctly it cascades and grows in strength. Don’t panic as I’m not asking anyone to part with any money, in fact all I ask is that once a day you try and achieve this very simple goal. Nobody can say it’s impossible because we can all do this. By helping others we help ourselves whilst raising our vibrations.

I think we should explain what a good deed is by giving some examples:

When you perform a very simple act like one of these you feel better in yourself and in turn the person receiving the deed also feels good. In the majority of cases the person receiving the good deed will then perform a good deed for someone else and so it continues. With time and continuous positive action this act can change people completely in their outlook.

The one good deed a day doesn’t work with family and friends because they expect that from you. Whereas a complete stranger gets a moral boost experiencing that feel-good factor because it’s spontaneous and unexpected. It's in that very unexpected act which can make people happy. When people are feeling happy they love to express that feeling to others and thus the good deed cascades. If you look around as you do your daily tasks there is usually always one chance to perform a good deed.

Always try and think positively, because by hurting others you significantly hurt yourself spiritually.

Dr Rampa's final words on this: "if people only obeyed our laws there would be no wars. Our law: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, a law which would effectively prevent wars."