Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

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Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
This Earth is just a speck of dust existing for the twinkle of an eye in what is real time.

Welcome to the Blog. Whilst the purpose of this website is to attempt to present Dr Rampa's writings in as clear and concise a manner as we can, we do so for the many people all over the globe in as many languages as possible. We will be thoroughly discussing the contents of Dr Rampa's books that we know were written in thirty-eight languages. We have managed to discover thirty of the thirty-eight languages and have them all listed within the left-hand menu on every webpage. We are aware that some of the eight unknown languages the books may have ceased publication, so we may never know the book titles yet we live in hope we can discover that missing information one day.

Here is where we document all updates or changes regardless of the language. We made it clear within About Us that it's not just a single person now working and driving this website. It’s a collective effort by many likeminded ardent followers of Dr Rampa from all around the globe. Collectively we are feeding the flame to a candle Dr Rampa lit many years ago, a candle that will light the way forward for those wanting to open their minds and experience the truth. Many truths and actual proof must be personally experienced as metaphysics cannot be proved to the idle minded individual that just demands proof.

Dr Rampa wrote: "People who go into occult studies just trying to get material proof are like people who go into a darkroom and turn on the lights to see if there is any image on the yet undeveloped film. Their very actions definitely inhibit any manifestation of proof." The Great 13th Dalia Lama once said: "Proof is merely a palliative to the idle mind and those who seek proof are not capable of accepting the truth of a proof no matter how well proven." So, remember this very important point: "if someone doesn't want to believe, it doesn't matter how much proof you offer;" so don't waste your time trying to convince them.

One immediate major change you will have noticed by now is that the Accordions have been replaced with Tabs. This allows us to display much greater content within the same confined space that is far more practical when viewed on the variety of mobile devices people use these days. This website has taken much time to redesign as the web keeps changing and new skills had to be learnt. There is still much more to do yet it all takes time as we all work and cannot practically spend all day working on the website, as much as we may like. It is a work of love and deep gratitude by we ardent believers in the writings of Dr Rampa.

Unlike before, visitors would be forced to browse each accordion in turn to ascertain what updates and changes had happened, and that was very time consuming with so many accordions. Whereas now, visitors just need to open a specific month's tab to quickly read what updates and changes have been applied to the site. Limiting it to just the 12 months facilitates any searches and does not create an endless accordion that can put people off from reading any further.

There are four principle icons throughout this site and they are:

  • • The book titled Twlight has been updated.
  • • Le livres intitulé Crépuscule et Crépuscule-VisAVis a été mis à jour. Les eBook ont été créés.
  • • Small change to Conspiracy Theories.
  • • After much deliberation, the PDSA have finally sent us a letter of thanks. It was like trying to get blood from a stone, so we shall not be making any further donations to the PDSA. This is the profit from TouchStones.
  • • Enlaces al libro Más allá del Décimo han sido restaurados.
  • • Optimised all images to reduce file size

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  • • We now have a donate button within About Us where people can donate via PayPal or credit card.
  • • Faire un don À Propos de Nous comment vous pouvez aider à améliorer notre site web.
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  • • Corrección de enlace de descarga hecha al libro titulado "La Decimotercera Candela," version PDF.
  • • Malé změny na O nás.
  • • Da wir die Webseite nicht ins Deutsche übersetzen können, haben wir alle leeren Webseiten entfernt, Forschungs Material.
  • • सुधार बुक करने के लिए बनाया मेरा विश्वास.
  • • کتاب فارسی جدید PDF اسرار-هاله-انسانی You Forever