Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.


Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
As we think today so we are tomorrow

The "miscellaneous" webpage covers various topics that do not justify having a dedicated whole page. Whilst we could expand in greater detail on some of the various topics we only wish to briefly talk about them. Whilst we are talking about various topics we wish to take time out to explain Dr. Rampa's Coat of Arms that we have used for all the book covers.

The Coat of Arms is surrounded by a Tibetan rosary made up of one hundred and eight beads symbolising the one hundred and eight books of the Tibetan Kangyur. In personal blazon, we see two rampant seal point Siamese cats holding a lit candle. In the upper left-hand of the shield we see the Potala; to the right-hand of the shield, a Tibetan prayer wheel turning, as shown by the small weight which is over the object. In the bottom, left-hand of the shield are books to symbolise the talents of writer and knowledge of the author, whereas to the right-hand side of the shield, a crystal ball to symbolise the esoteric sciences. Under the shield, we can read the motto of T. Lobsang Rampa: “I lit a candle” and within this website we try and keep the flame alight.

Why did we use the Coat of Arms for the books covers? Well, that’s very simple to answer because as you read Dr Rampa’s books you will discover that he didn’t like the publishers book covers either; and nor did many of his devoted readers. All of Dr Rampa’s book covers were created and controlled by the publisher rather than the author. So, we thought it best to implement a working solution to an age-old problem so every book, regardless of the language, has the same book cover and we hope you agree with us.

Abortions: Is a hot topic of debate, but when a woman decides to abort the life she's carrying unknowingly she can be committing murder, as this all depends on when she takes this drastic action. Until a certain time-period the growing baby is just a mass of protoplasm, that is the small body doesn't contain any actual spiritual body within it, as transmigration hasn’t taken place yet.

Around week 12 of pregnancy the growing body within a woman undergoes transmigration, women know when this happens as they experience the "quickening." That's when a spiritual being enters the physical body of the baby, hopefully to fulfil its goal in life. Aborting a life after week 12 is stopping a spiritual being from achieving their goal and accrues much bad Karma. Abortions before week 11 are best because you are not stopping any spiritual beings from achieving their goal, as transmigration has not taken place yet.

Animals: Many ignorant people think that animals are just placed on this Earth for us humans to do with as we please! Earth is just one of many planets that we humans incarnate to as part of our spiritual evolution and such planets should be perceived as common ground as Earth is not exclusive for humans only. Earth is where we cohabit with many other species learning to tolerate and further understand those other species as all animals are not inferior creatures to humans. To a great extent, many animals are considerably spiritually more evolved than the majority of humans.

All living species have what we humans term a soul, albeit their spiritual path differs greatly from us humans. They also have astral planes where you can meet you beloved pets again once you are both on the other side or before if you learn how to astral travel. Cruelty to animals happens all over the globe and is far too common. This cruelty accrues much bad karma that can cost you many lifetimes to repay. Cruelty to animals is something totally unacceptable, all the more so as many animals, especially cats, have done so much for us humans. Harm others, you only harm yourself.

Crufs: and such like animal shows should be globally outlawed because these pedigree animals are so inbred that they are now all born with physical and mental deformities. These physical and mental deformities are so acute that many veterinarians have medically proved these pedigree animals will greatly suffer later in life, both physically and mentally. Those people who claim to be animal lovers exploit this gross act. The animal’s owners hold all such events purely for financial reward and egotistical prestige. All pedigree pets don’t resemble their original ancestors.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are vulnerable to illness, pain and untold discomfort because they're primarily bred for looks rather than health, welfare and temperament in mind. The RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals) chief vet Mark Evans said: “The welfare and quality of life of many pedigree animals is seriously compromised by established breeding practices for appearance, driven primarily by the rules and requirements of competitive showing and pedigree registration.”

Air Baths: Many centuries ago people did not wear clothes, and because they did not wear clothes they did not feel the lack of such garments. In those far-off days, their bodies compensated for a much wider range of temperatures. But now through using clothing and central heating we have become effete. We have ruined our heat-regulating mechanisms by abusing it by wearing clothes and relying on central heating to keep our homes warmer than they should be. These are some of the main causes towards people catching the common cold.

A great difficulty with clothing is that it keeps out fresh air, precisely what your body needs! If people would wear less clothing, as they do when on holidays, their health would greatly improve. There would be less cancer, very much less T.B, and common colds. Because when a person is all swaddled up with clothing air cannot circulate and germs multiply. If you look about on the ground you may not see many insects about, but if you lift a rotten log or move a big stone you will find all sorts of things beneath. Insects, worms, and various types of creatures that breed and live only in the dark and secluded places are there. In the same way, the body is naturally covered with bacteria and germs.

The action of air and light prevent these germs and bacteria from multiplying. They have an effect of keeping the body healthy. Soap alone does not resolve this, as humans need air baths. Many will have a problem at the thought of walking around without any clothes, so try this at home when alone or join a Naturist Park.

Today many warm their homes with central heating and have electric blankets to warm their beds, as if trying to emulate the warmth of some tropical island. Both these items stop their bodies compensate for a wider range of temperatures thus allowing germs and bacteria to multiply which is a big cause for catching the common cold. People should not rely on central heating so much, just warm a single room, and go to sleep in a cold bed as it's much better for the body.

Astrology: has fascinated the world for millions of years and over that time it's changed from its original concept. Example, their used to be thirteen star signs and now there are twelve. I am not going to cover the history of astrology, rather highlight very briefly the current format used today for horoscopes. Each star sign can be further divided into 30 degree quadrants. Astrological ages occur because of a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. One complete period of this precession is called a Great Sidereal Year of about 25,800 to 25,920 years and it is divided in twelve astrological ages of 30 degrees each.

Astrology is very real and very much misunderstood by many. Horoscopes can accurately predict someone's path in life but sadly not the rubbish which is printed in newspapers and magazines. Thousands of years ago, people would consult the oracle before undertaking any major change to their lives to understand when the best time would be right that benefits everyone. Sadly, today it's commerce who decides to everyone's loss. Many years ago, astrology was extraordinarily accurate because it was founded on a new science. The influence of the stars on objects of this Earth — humans, animals, plants, etc., — had been predicated and those assumptions were accurate so long as the zodiac remained as it was when the assumptions were made.

Now a few thousand years later, the zodiac is different, therefore any predictions and forecasts are all wrong. Astrology as it is in the West today is just a complete waste of time. It is utterly inaccurate for the simple reason that no allowance has been made for the difference in the configuration of the zodiac. Everyone, including animals, has to live through every 30-degree quadrant of each zodiac sign as male and female. You actually reincarnate many thousands of times and your sex changes depending on the many lessons to be learnt.

Battle of the sexes: Men and women constantly battle it out as to which sex is the greater. Well let's clarify this once and for all, men and women are just opposites of each other and they are BOTH EQUAL to each other in their own right. Just because a man can do some particular physical act better than a woman, or a woman can do some particular physical act better than a man, doesn't make either one superior to the other. If men and women stopped trying to quarrel and fight each other and tried to understand each other better the world would be a healthier place. It's all about learning how to compromise! There will always be something a man can do which a woman cannot and something's a woman can do which a man cannot, it's a fact of life. Women's Libbers are also to blame with their stupid selfish ideals as men and women need each other. Throughout history women and men have been battling each other without knowing why, when they should be focused on working together as they are two halves to a greater whole.

Buddhism is not a religion, it's a way of life. So, what's the difference you may ask? Religion is the belief in and worshiping of a god or gods. Buddhism teaches that personal spiritual improvement will lead to escape from human suffering by one's own efforts alone. True religion is living by the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!".

There are two mains forms of Buddhism:

  • Theravada - focuses on freedom from craving and suffering
  • Mahayana - emphasises the above by helping others in achieving that freedom because by helping others you are also helping yourself.

Cats: Are the eyes of the Gods. If you read the books by Mama-Ra'ab Rampa you will be enlightened into how to keep cats and what pleases or displeases them. Cats can see into the physical and spiritual worlds simultaneously. A cat cannot ever be evil as it's not in their nature. The best cat book is "Living with the Lama"; it was dictated by Fifi Greywhiskers to Dr Rampa.

Cults - It doesn't matter which one as they are all evil because they just try and control you whilst misguiding you. Stopping you from completing your real task in life and any chance of developing spiritually. Sadly, all cults are just after your money and nothing else. Avoid them all as the spiritual path forward is a solitary path.

Equality: This is a word in which the majority of Westerners have failed to completely understand. A vast majority of Western people in today's world have this misconception that everyone should live equally: what utter rubbish! Some people are really easily deluded as it's NOT possible to have everyone equal as that would mean existence would become static; which it cannot ever be.

There HAS to be variations, differences to maintain a flow and that's the purpose of extremes - wealth cannot exist without poverty and vice versa. How could you strive to understand anything without these extremes that give you a scope from which you can learn?

Fact: "the Prince of today is the Pauper of tomorrow, the Pauper of today is the Prince of tomorrow." You are here on this planet to learn and that CANNOT be accomplished without extremes, so let’s not talk mindlessly about equality. Even in Communism things are NOT equal and never will be.

Euthanasia: If an animal is ill or injured beyond current medical knowledge it gets put out of its misery, and usually it's without a second thought. If a human is ill or injured beyond current medical knowledge, incurably so or at such an advanced age that they are a serious burden to others, then there should be a form of euthanasia in which the matter could be discussed with those who have NO personal interest or gain.

If doctors can already choose not to keep uncomprehending patients alive because they believe that extending the patient's life is of no further benefit to them, why should their death be needlessly prolonged? However, euthanasia should only be offered to those who have absolutely no control over themselves, being in what some doctors call a "cabbage" state being kept alive purely by machines.

By letting them die you give them a chance to return back to this planet to live out their allotted life span without any further delay. By artificially keeping them going you are delaying their progress; being merely selfish and accruing bad karma. However, if they have control of their mental faculties then euthanasia is not allowed.

WARNING: if you are helping someone to die who is still in control of their faculties; albeit in much pain, you are helping them to commit suicide which is WRONG and you will also gain bad karma as they will.

Fear: You must learn to know what you fear. What do you fear? Do you fear the Unknown? Until you know what it is that you fear you cannot do anything about overcoming that fear - and it can suffocate any advancement. Fear is a harmful thing, it is a shameful thing, and it is a thing which stultifies progress. Fear is just something you don't understand. How to overcome fear? The best way is to think of that thing which you fear.

Think about it from all angles. What is it? Why should it affect you? What do you think it can do to you? Is it going to injure you physically? Is it going to injure you financially? Will it matter in fifty years' time? If you carefully analyse your feelings, if you carefully go into the subject of this "why-do-I-fear?", you will surely come to realise that there is nothing to fear - as you don't fear that which you fully comprehend do you? Read Beyond the Tenth, chapter five paragraph 12 onwards, for more information.

Global Warming: is caused only by humans and their selfish wants, whilst showing little to no regard for all other living creatures on this planet. Earth’s population is growing uncontrolled and this means the requirements for more buildings. The problem is that construction eats up concrete, and to make one ton of cement - a key ingredient of concrete – 900 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere each time. Production of cement alone causes twice as many carbon emissions as the combined world's airline industry currently does.

However, it also generates a fraction of the bad headlines which the people who run the world's cement companies would prefer to keep it that way. Buildings, industry, utilities, and such like all contribute to global warming. The one common factor in all these is; humans!

Whether you like it or not, this planet needs urgent population control!

Let’s put this concept of global warming into a perspective that anyone will understand. As the population grows uncontrolled there is a demand for more. Unfettered population growth causes problems which can be seen quite clearly when looked at from two angles. On the one side, we have a demand for:

More housing, more schools, more hospitals, more police, more crime, more shops, more industry, more utilities, more clean water, more roads, more vehicles, more CO2 emissions, more pollution, more demand for employment, more unemployment, more food, more waste, more beggars, and a greater demand for very limited precious resources. We can see these problems today in any major city where the population is currently over condensed. In these cases, the demand for more becomes less; there is less housing, less schools, less teachers, less hospital, less doctors and nurses, less police, less roads, less employment, less clean water, less food and even less of the precious resources.

We humans forget that there is a limit to what resources this little planet can provide; it’s not endless as many think. If you look at what is common to all the above, it’s human beings; hence my comments about desperately needing population control. The CO2 emissions generated into maintaining any population is far too much for this little planet.

More greenhouse gases, more widespread pollution, declining availability of fresh water, deforestation, degradation of farmland, ocean acidification - it is hard to come up with a more comprehensive and, frankly, a more depressing list. The human population growth has reached the point; the UN says, where the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available.

Here is the UN report on Global Environment Outlook for 2007.

Herbs: These are becoming more popular in place of pharmaceutical medicines. The advantage of using herbs is that they are all natural. However, because the methods in which they are grown, collected and stored you cannot ascertain or guarantee the strength and healing power of the herbs, whereas with pharmaceutical medicines you can guarantee the strength of the medicine; albeit with many side effects.

If you are going to use herbs make sure they are collected with love and care, fresh, or stored correctly in airtight containers, and finally, have not been exposed to continuous daylight. All herbs sold in open containers have little to no healing powers.

Human Rights: Since the publication of the Human Rights Act, people have used this Act as a justification to do whatever they want – whenever they want regardless of others. The Human Rights Act is seriously abused on a daily basis that it should be abolished for common sense and the Golden Rule.

There are many cases where murderers, etc., cannot be extradited, because being sent back to their country could result in them being killed or tortured by their own people. This should make you ask why did they left their country in the first place? How can anyone claim their Human rights have been violated when they have clearly violated the rights of others by senseless killing or actual physical harm? Even in the Bible it says for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Crime begets punishment.

Anyone who violates the Golden Rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" should face the full penalty for their crime as the law of that country demands, regardless of sex, age, belief or nationality. If any human cannot comport themselves as prudent members of a stable society, accepting the law of that country they live in regardless of their beliefs, they should either move back to whence they came or face whatever punishment fits the crime. Only the selfish chant they have rights.

In fact, no one can ever avoid punishment as Kharma keeps score, and if they do avoid punishment in this life they certainly will not in the next! Depending on the crime it can take many lives to repay the debt!

Incense: Are used for increasing one's vibrations, maybe during meditation or for astral traveling, and no one can recommend which is the best make, fragrance or scent - as it's personal to you. It's a bit like Art as it's whatever makes YOU feel uplifting or euphoric. Which Incense will also depends on your star sign and the quadrant you are in.

The difference between drugs and incense is that incense is a natural way of increasing one's vibrations - like classical music does - whereas drugs are unnatural because they force the process artificially which in turn harms both bodies and the Overself.

Karma: Is an Eastern word that’s been continuously misinterpreted because there is no direct Western translation, it’s NOT a place and the correct term for Karma is AGAMI KARMA. It means that the physical and mental acts performed by one in the body affect one's future incarnations. In the Christian Bible, there is a statement that goes "as one sows so shall one reap" which is much the same as saying that "if you sow the seeds of wickedness then you shall reap wickedness," but if you sow the seeds of good and help for others – all earthy beings and not just humans - then the same shall be returned to you a thousand fold; such is Karma.

The golden rule to live by is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" it's really that simple!

Lotus Position: A common misconception about the Lotus Position is why people from the East like to sit in that position. Well, as they didn't have chairs like people in the West have and insist upon it's the only civilised way to sit, Easterners have adopted a position which ideally suits them that they find very comfortable and there is NOTHING spiritual about this position.

It does have one advantage over sitting in a chair, in that, when sitting in the Lotus position you cannot fall over, and you can always fall off a chair. Also, this position helps to maintain your spine erect and straight - a mandatory requirement for meditation and prayer. So, the Lotus Position is practical and NOT spiritual.

Mantras: These are a form of prayer; it is the repetition of something sacred whereby one gains power. If one repeats a Mantra conscientiously and reverently one attains to purification of thought. A Mantra should only be used for good, and never for bad. Mantras are a very powerful tool when used correctly. A Mantra used properly has very, very strong effects, and the more it is used the more it builds up power. Here is a very simple illustration of how it builds up power:

A violinist can play a certain note on a violin. If he just touches on the note he only makes a sound, but if he keeps on at the same note he can cause a glass to shatter and crumble because continuously playing on that note has induced a vibration in the glass which eventually becomes more than the elasticity that it can handle, and so, the glass breaks. In the same way, a Mantra increases the vibration for good or for bad, but when used for bad it often turns on the one who utters it.

One Mantra, or Sacred Invocation is Om! Mani Padme Hum! or as the Indians say Ram Ram Ram. It should be realized that all sounds and words can influence matter, can even influence inanimate objects. Probably everyone has heard of the statement "mind over matter"; well it is correct. Mantras influence matter according to the thoughts of the human mind. However, such Mantras can benefit an individual even if they don't exactly know how to pronounce the mantra correctly. This is because we are trying to discipline the mind and once the mind is disciplined the body will follow.

The Tibetans have known for thousands of years that sounds play a very important role in life. And so, for starting out with Mantras don’t worry too much about how they should be pronounced correctly as you will gain the benefits of disciplining the mind. Stick to the prayer mantras for starters as they will help. Dr Rampa has written two specific Mantras which can be found within Religion at the bottom of the page, one for mornings and the other for nights.

Marriage: Today is a real hit and miss affair. People marry for all the wrong reasons and once married, they quickly realise it's not what they thought it would be. Marriage should be considered nothing but a long-term adventure, all about learning to give and take, learning how to compromise along the way.

Sadly, couples are often too quick to divorce which makes them frustrated, bitter and sometimes twisted. If children are involved in a divorce parents forget the devastating effects that can have on young minds trying to grow up and understand the strange complexities of life. Many children then just grow up emulating what their parents did with a chain of failed marriages.

Couples who cannot get on soon after getting married are simple narrow minded selfish beings and deserve all the hardships and stress that come from not trying. Nobody said life would be easy! Throughout history women and men have been battling each other without knowing why, when they should be focused on working together as two halves to a whole.

Mediums: There are many who advertise – especially on the web – that they can communicate with those on the other side, or can access the Akashic Records. Never believe any advertisement you read where, for a small, or large sum of money, information from recently departed or your past incarnations can be told. Don't believe that for a moment because 99.9% of these people who make such claims are all fakes. If anyone demands money for such a service then you can be sure that they are 100% pure fakes, that’s because the really trained person does not take money for these occult purposes as it lowers their personal vibrations! It is such a tragic thing that so many advertisements appear which are simply bogus and they just do it for your hard-earned money, nothing else! The majority of so-called mediums can only communicate with mischievous entities who simply read people’s Aura and therefore, know exactly what to say. These mischievous entities are having fun with us humans by pretending to be a spirit guide, recently departed or whatever the person is seeking. Read Spirit Guides under S for more information.

Dr Rampa's own point of view is this: "If a person advertises in glamorous terms what he or she can do for you for a small outlay, well, be very suspicious. There are many, many people who are utterly genuine, but my own personal experience is that it is rare indeed for such a person to advertise. Remember also that people who make these wondrous claims about how they go into the astral for you and look at all your records, etc., etc., well, you can't prove them really wrong, can you, just the same as you can't prove them right. So, just to be on the safe side, it is far better not to bother with people who advertise as such, but instead meditate, because if you meditate you can get the results you want. You know yourself better than any other person, and most assuredly you know yourself better than a person who is going to charge you a couple of dollars for this or that service".

Metaphysics: Is a very real thing which transcends the physical and visible. Sorrowfully many fools think it's a quick way of making a "fast buck" as the Americans would say. Therefore, they have greatly tarnished its good name at the same time glorifying such arts for personal selfish financial gain. The majority of such websites today are misleading. If you wish to know the truth about metaphysics, then continue reading this site and enjoy all nineteen books that Doctor Rampa wrote.

Myths: These continue to fascinate humans however many assumptions have been made based on no actual facts. Here are some real truths:

  • Earth: Science likes to state the centre of the earth is a mass of molten lava - this is totally incorrect. If that was the case the whole world would have split open under the enormous build-up of pressure. Magma only flows between layers of the Earth's crust and inner mantle and the centre is hollow. Nearly all planets have a hollow core, including our own moon.
  • Humans: humans have always thought they evolved from Primates, this is certainly not true. Granted that humans have 7 nucleic DNA cells which are apparent in all living creatures and if Darwin's Theory of Evolution is to be believed then we would not have any missing links as both Humans and Primates exist today; so there is no missing link because humans did not evolve from Primates. All living creatures were planted on Earth by beings from outer space; and it can be proved!
  • Petroleum: Is NOT a fossil fuel, and never has been. Petroleum came from another planet when it collided with the Earth millions of years ago. This collision caused the Earth to stop for a moment, and then rotate in the opposite direction whilst the petroleum spilled onto our planet and eventually settled into the ground. The sooner humans stop using petroleum the better for all living creatures and the planet as a whole.
  • Pyramids: These were NOT built by slaves dragging the huge stones on wooden rollers; if you check the weight and size of the main beams within some pyramids they weigh-in at thousands of tons. So it wouldn't be humanly possible to haul such weight over sand, let alone using rollers which would have only sunk into the sand under such enormous weights. Actual discovered records show that one Egyptian pyramid was built in a set timescale - that meant quarrying, transporting and erecting one huge stone block every 90 seconds - which is not humanly possible without anti-gravity devices, and the average block is around 2.5 tons in weight. No pyramid has ever been used for burial purposes, as the Valley of the Kings is where bodies have been found. It's true that sarcophagi have been found within many pyramids, but they serve another purpose, they are certainly NOT tombs. If you check your history on discovered burial tombs, you will see they were all found outside of any pyramid. Not only are there over 350 pyramids on Earth, there are also pyramids on the Moon and Mars.

Pyramid Proof:

The largest Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops), according to Egyptologists, was built as a tomb in the fourth dynasty, and was constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC. These claims are all 100% erroneous!

The Sumerian tablets (and some information from the Akashic records) has revealed that the above claim is perhaps the biggest archaeological forgery of all time. The forgery was created by Colonel Howard Vyse and Mr J. R. Hill, as they discovered the first and only hieroglyphics in the great pyramid where many others had not. Colonel Howard Vyse pointed the accusing finger to the forgery at Mr J. R. Hill as the culprit. It is suggested that the crime was committed on May 28th 1837, and that there was a witness.

Let's look at some facts:

  • • The Egyptian race didn't exist when the Pyramids of Giza were built.
  • • Built over a hundred-year period beginning around 10,450 BCE.
  • • They were built by the Anunnaki.
  • • The sole Architect was Lord Thoth, second son of Lord Enki.
  • Lord Thoth directed their constructions.
  • Lord Thoth had an Atlantean mother and an Anunnaki father.
  • • All six Pyramids at Giza were never constructed as tombs.
  • • The Victory Tablet of King Menes (also known as the Narmer Palette) and the founder of the First Dynasty, clearly shows the Pyramid of Giza existed when he ruled.
  • • That was some 500 years before Khufu / Cheops was even born.
  • • The forged hieroglyphic did not have Khufu / Cheops name.
  • • The forged hieroglyphic did have Lord Ra's name, first son of Lord Enki.
  • Humphries W. Brewer, a British stonemason hire by Colonel Howard Vyse was fired and banned from site because he witnessed Mr J. R. Hill enter the Pyramid with red marking paint, supposedly to paint over ancient marking, but actually to paint a new one.
  • Humphries W. Brewer wrote a letter about the whole event, and that's documented within the following book: Zecharia Sitchin's book "Journeys to the Mythical past" which contains proof beyond reasonable doubt.
  • • In the Grand Gallery shelves there are 54 slots, 27 on each side matched by vertical and horizontal slots in the walls of the Gallery. Speculation is wooden beams were inserted to restrain blocking stones from falling, but that is not true. Zecharia Sitchin's book "The Wars of Gods and Men" contains the real truth and purpose of the 108 slots.
  • • Dr Rampa does explain within his books the purpose of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

There is also more proof: a stone artefact belonging to Cheops - in which his name Khufu is clearly written in hieroglyphics - imply that the Great Pyramid had already existed in his time, and so did the Sphinx! See a photo below of the stone artefact.

This is known as the "Inventory Stela" that Khufu took credit for restoring a shrine to the Goddess Isis, "Mistress of the Pyramid." Khufu does not take credit for the Pyramid itself, clearly considering it a structure belonging to Gods, and not mortals. Please note: "beside the house of the Sphinx," the very same Sphinx that according to Egyptological tenets was erected by Khufu's successor Chefra...

This is a small segment of a true story about how a father and son went to a strange place, by a fluke of chance, that exists to this very day, but we will not be *disclosing its name. To reveal this truth, we must quote their own words. A story for many that may not even be believed, yet within the story is a great truth for those with an open mind. And now let's start to quote a segment of their adventure…

I have since discovered that the languages of the people of the [undisclosed place] is much like Sanskrit. After we have given an account of ourselves to the emissaries from the central seat of government of the inner continent, and my father had, in his crude way, drawn maps, at their request of the surface of earth, showing it divisions of lands and waters, and giving the names of each of the continents, large islands, and the oceans.

We were taken overland to the city of **Eden in a conveyance from anything we have in Europe or America. This vehicle was doubtless some electrical contrivance. It was noiseless and ran on a single iron rail in perfect balance. The trip was made at a very high rate of speed. We were carried up hills and down dales, across valleys and again along the sides of steep mountains, without any attempt having been made to level the earth as we do for railroad tracks. The car seats were huge yet comfortable affairs, and very high above the floor of the car.

On the top of each car where high geared fly wheels lying on their sides, which were so automatically adjusted that, as the speed of the car increased, the high speed of these flywheels geometrically increased. It was explained to us that these revolving fan-like wheels on top of the car destroys atmospheric pressure, or what is generally understood by the term gravitation, and with this force destroyed or rendered nugatory the car is as safe from falling to one side or the other from the single track as if it were in a vacuum; the fly wheels in their rapid revolutions destroying effectually the so-called power of gravitation, or the force of atmospheric pressure or whatever potent influence it may be that causes all unsupported things to fall downwards to the Earth's surface or to the nearest point of resistance.

The 'Atmospheric Disruptor' that's clearly on display within the Cairo Museum of Antiquities.

The Atmospheric Disruptor that's clearly on display within the Cairo Museum of Antiquities.

The City of Eden is located in what seems to be a beautiful valley yet, in fact, is on the loftiest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent, several thousand feet higher than any portion of the surrounding country. It is the most beautiful place I have ever beheld in all my travels. In this elevated garden all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grown in riotous profusion. In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain. They divide and flow in four directions. This place is called by the inhabitants the "Navel of the Earth," or the beginning, "the cradle of the human race." The names of the rivers are the Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Heddlekel.

* Because most people will refuse outright to believe any truth if it clashes with their schooling, understanding, or beliefs, because they have accepted without question 'so-called' facts made by science; even when those facts are erroneous. People prefer to believe in that which is not in preference to that which is.

** The City of Eden is where the biblical 'Garden of Eden' resides to this day. However, anyone trying to gain access will be killed by their own folly, because we humans are strictly forbidden to enter unless invited. Now, whilst I do not have the technical knowledge to fully understand how these fly-wheels work, I firmly believe that the fly-wheel OOPArt the Egyptians have is the very same fly-wheel explained in the above text.

Nirvana: Is a word or concept which is usually quite beyond Western comprehension. Probably Nirvana is the most misunderstood of Eastern terms. It is not a place and never will be. It is instead the elimination of those desires which are wrong. It is the elimination of scandal, the elimination of perjury, greed, lust, and other human faults.

Many scholars forget that when translating, there are countless words in the Eastern language that don't have any Western connotation; and vice versa. Because of this, many translations are bastardised according to whoever is doing the translation and to their way of thinking or belief.

If you find this hard to comprehend look at the many words used today which have no bearing on their original meaning: the word Gay originally meant joyous and in high spirits, yet, today it's been discounted and used to depict homosexuals. And now the BBC bosses have ruled that the word gay means rubbish and, being used in schools, it's fine to use on air. The word Wicked originally meant morally wrong and bad, yet today it's also been discounted and used to depict excellent.

Society will accept any false conception as actual fact, and the proof today is in the humble coffee bean, because it's not really a Bean. The name "bean" was created and used by those within the coffee trade and it's really a stone/pip, by the name of Peaberry. Peaberry is a member of the Cherry tree family. If you think how confusing this can be for someone today, then think what it will be like for those in the future trying to translate today's language, any translations will be mistranslated. Read The Middle Way for more information.

Nuclear: Is something which many fear and for good cause with today's nuclear fuels; however, nuclear is the way forward, but not by using high-enriched Uranium or other hazardous materials. Thorium-based nuclear power is much safer. The nuclear of the future is very safe and has been achieved by today's envelope-pushers where a single bubble in liquid is subjected to sound. This sound causes the bubble to explode and then implode creating temperatures of over 10 million degrees. If you wish to know more search for 'Star in a Jar' it may sound a bit like science fiction, but I assure you it is very true and very safe.

Organ donation: Is not a good thing as many perceive it is. It is Dr Rampa's firm knowledge that replacing organs like this is terribly criminally wrong and really people should not permit such abuses of Nature. The reflections from the donor's organ show up in the aura of the recipient, and the two people may not have been harmonically compatible spiritually; hence the high number of organ rejections to be accepted by the body of a transplant recipient. The fact that one person could be coloured and the other person white has nothing to do with it. The basic rate of vibration, that is, the frequency of each person, has everything to do with it, and I certainly hope that such transplants can be outlawed.

Within the UK they are trying to change the law so everyone is automatically a donor and those who object have to opt out. This will be a very sad day indeed if they pass this law. Doctors and medical scientists should be encouraged to devise artificial organs which could safely be used on humans - sadly medical science is around 100 years behind where it should be - then there would be no cross-linkage between two entities which causes a handicap for both entities, because until both are free of their Silver Cords and living in the astral world neither can continue their separate lives.

The organ donor cannot continue their life in the astral plane until that, or those, donated organs have also died. It is a different matter if one is replacing an organ with a synthetic organ because that is no worse than a person wearing glasses to see or a hearing aid to hear, no worse than using a crutch to aid walking.

Ouija board: Simply a very dangerous thing to use; do not ever use one, NOT EVEN IN FUN.

In the Occult, there are many tools, but the Ouija board is NOT an Occult tool. Occult tools only work in conjunction with your subconscious - which you know is very safe because it's part of you - whereas the Ouija board does not.

A Ouija board does not communicate with your subconscious; it broadcasts to everyone - especially lower entities - and by broadcasting in this open method you are inviting them into your domain without any protection and with a very high possibility of being taken over because in some cases it can allow evil or mischievous entities to take possession of the person using the Ouija Board. Read 'Feeding the Flame', chapter eight for more information.

Pornography: now here's a real toughie! Many would say it's harmless fun. Others would say it's entirely evil. Before we continue we must stress that SEX and LOVE are two completely different things. Because the way the modern language has been distorted over time people now say they are going to make love. Love CANNOT be made as it's an emotion and you cannot make an emotion, emotions must be personally experienced.

Sex between two people who love each other will only strengthen their bond and increase their vibrations whereas, sex for carnal gratification does not. Carnal gratification has been deemed evil by many just because it stops us evolving spiritually, the the path we should be taking to gain spiritual awareness and you cannot gain spiritual awareness whist indulging in pass-time carnal gratification.

Also, if one has sex for the sake of sex only, sex without true love, it can temporarily or permanently paralyse the correct flowing of the kundalini life force. By permanently I mean during this lifetime or as long as the malpractice continues.

Poverty: We hear today that poverty should be abolished. What utter rubbish! These are the very thoughtless do-gooders of this world who live in a pipe-dream. Poverty CANNOT be abolished:

Fact! Wealth cannot exist without poverty, they are the opposites of each other and one cannot exist without the other. What can be done is to reduce the distance between the two extremes, and that's all. So you can continue to help those who really need help, as we should be doing, but less chat about abolishing something which cannot be abolished.

Prophesies: These can really confuse people to no end because they take them literally, whist forgetting that all prophesies are based on probabilities, on certain events happening and if any changes are made to which the prophesy is based on, well it then just won't happen. When a prophesy comes true the majority believe the prophesier to be a genius - and yet, when it doesn't - they call the prophesier a fake.

When someone declares a prophesy, it's based on nothing major changing to which the prophesy is based on and life continuing the path it's currently taking. When an unexpected major change has been made the prophesy then becomes null and void and a new prophesy must be forecasted to take into account all the new changes.

If prophesies come true then that means mankind hasn't changed their ways - whereas - if prophesies don't - mankind has changed somewhere along the way, hopefully for the better! Here are a few of famous people who prophesised better than the majority.

  • • Maya Civilization
  • • Hopi Indian Tribe
  • • Nostradamus
  • • Mother Shipton
  • • Edgar Cayce
  • • H.G.Wells

Purgatory: Is really causing major problems for many who have no idea what this is. The Bible quotes "a place or condition of temporal punishment for those who, departing this life in God's grace and are not entirely free from venial faults, or have not fully paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions." What utter rubbish!

Purgatory means to purge, a place of purging false values, and until you are purged of your false beliefs you cannot progress upwards. Purgatory therefore, is an area within the astral plane where the astral body is purged of all the misconceptions and false beliefs it's gained whilst being on this planet before continuing onwards to the hall of memories to judge him or her self.

Reincarnation: is a very real course of action, completed by every living thing, either when their life is completed or cut short by unfortunate circumstances. What is a major misconception is that many think they can or will reincarnate as other animals, this is NOT true. Humans can ONLY reincarnate as humans, cats only reincarnate as cats, dogs only reincarnate as dogs, etc. The only choice, apart from colour, you have is which sex you are going to be, male or female and this depends on what lessons are to be learnt.

Proof of reincarnation is detailed in Feeding the Flame, but for those sceptics here's another case of reincarnation; Galileo died on 8th January 1642 and Stephen Hawkins was born exactly 300 years later, on the 8th January 1942, both individuals deeply interested in space and astronomy. So you can clearly see that if you don't achieve that which you should have in one lifetime, you will return later to do so. Sometimes is can take many lifetimes to achieve your goal.

Also, read "The extraordinary lives of St. Louis and Louis XVI" within Numerology for actual proof.

Spirit Guides: Many people believe they have a Spirit Guide because they feel insecure, maybe because they feel lonely, or because they are sure they cannot manage without help. People want to know about their Guide, their Master, their Keeper, their Guardian Angel, etc. A person writes and says "Oh, I have a Red Indian as my Guide, I know he is a Red Indian because he is so wise".

Now, let us get this straight once and for all, people DO NOT have Red Indians, Black Indians, White Indians, or Tibetans dead or alive as Guides. Actually, there would not be enough Tibetans or Indians to go around. It's like anyone saying "Oh, I was Cleopatra in my last life!" There is no word of truth in it. Actually, the alleged Guide is just our Overself who really is our Guide and you can communicate via true meditation, or via your subconscious only.

It's astounding that the Red Indian and Tibetan have been either mistreated or totally ignored by the whole world as third or forth class beings whilst they are alive and as soon as they are dead, idiots think they have one as a spiritual guide. What makes you think that just because they are now dead, that they have become spiritual teachers? And why should they bother with those who abandoned them well before they were dead?

Anyone who thinks that they have a Red Indian or Tibetan Lama as a guide or believes that they are the reincarnation of someone famous is very seriously deluded and should be locked up for everyone's safety. So who or what exactly are these Spirit Guides that many individuals think they have and can communicate with? Well, let us see if we can clarify this for you.

On the very lower astral plane within the 4th dimension there are many entities which are very mischievous beings, and it's these entities which are having fun with us humans by pretending to be a spirit guide or whatever the person is seeking. These entities reside in the closest plane of existence to Earth and in this plane of existence they can easily read people's minds and thoughts, so that's also why they know the answers to all your personal questions. They always know who is seeking spiritual attention and when to play along. Anyone learning how to become a medium will always encounter such entities and only the true medium can tell the difference.

True mediums can control these mischievous entities in a manner so that the real messages can get through, but only to the right person. Unfortunately, real mediums are very rare indeed and certainly don't advertise. Anyone who is very spiritually advanced is always sick and infirm; those who advertise in newspapers, magazines, television or have glossy websites are all fakes. Such people can only communicate, if they even do, with the lower astral plane where these mischievous entities reside.

Also, the names these so-called spirit guides have should have alarm bells ringing as they have been given stupid names; two examples, are "White Cloud" and "Gabriel". Why they have to sound like Red Indians or Biblical characters is beyond all logic and common sense. Read Feeding the Flame, chapter eight for more information.

Suicide: Is so wrong that we cannot stress how wrong it is. Many people feel that life is punishing them and the only solution is to end it all, but that just makes things worse because as soon as you are on the other side you are sent right back to this Earth - but into worse conditions. Some say that people who commit suicide are very brave, I say they are nothing but cowards. To die is very easy, to live - now that takes bravery!

Those thinking of committing suicide must find a sympathetic ear to let off a bit of steam without going totally overboard and things will improve slightly. Remember that YOU chose this life you live, and only YOU are to blame if things are not going to plan. We NEVER set ourselves unachievable goals, even though it may seem that way at the time whilst stuck on Earth.

If you heat metal in a furnace do you do so because the metal has erred and must be punished, or do you do it in order to improve the qualities of the material? And so, it is with humans!

Whilst on this Earth you are only 1/10th conscious – you can only see a very small part of a vastly bigger picture – therefore, you have no idea what your other 9/10th’s is trying to learn. By cutting short your life you are depriving your greater self from learning the lessons you were placed on Earth to learn, as a result suicide is completely selfish and only postpones your spiritual progress. Also what about those left behind who have to pick up the pieces?

Anyone contemplating suicide SHOULD urgently read "I Believe", chapter 2 through to chapter 7. Dr Rampa informs us what actually happens after a person foolishly commits suicide. If you do commit suicide, you CAN be paying for it in numerous lives to follow, each being harder than the last. You have been warned! Read "Feeding the Flame", page 126 to 130 for more information.

Telepathy: a natural process, but very difficult to explain. The simplest things are the most difficult to explain at times. Try explaining the process of breathing: it's that hard! Telepathy is where your brain communicates directly with another brain, distance is not an obstacle, so you never get poor reception. Communication between people from different countries would not be an obstacle as they would understand each other without any problems since telepathy is a universal language. The human brain is like a radio, it constantly receives and transmits signals; controlling those signals is the hard part, but it can be done with practice. Twins are always telepathic with each other without knowing they are.

With telepathy, it's possible to communicate with anything that's living once you know what frequency they communicate on, much like tuning your radio into a particular radio station, but with one small interesting fact. That fact being humans communicate with speech, that is, actual words whereas all animals communicate mainly in pictures/images hence the difficulty many have when trying to communicate with animals.

If you wish to try and communicate with your cat or dog, try this: get their attention first and then try and project a strong image of what you want to communicate. You might just get lucky as animals can tune into us humans easier than we can to them. Why is it easier for animals and not for humans? The human mind is a constant buzz so they miss out. Read Cave of the Ancients, at the end of chapter one for more information.

Transmigration: Has been going on for millions of years and it's written in all religious books, including the bible because even Jesus underwent transmigration when the "Christ" entered him. It's a known process where another spirit takes over the physical body to complete a special task but don't confuse this with being possessed as this is NOT a possession.

It's a bit like you hiring a vehicle to take you from point A to point C, but on route at point B it breaks down stopping you from reaching your destination, point C. The hire company provides another vehicle at point B and you then you simply exit one vehicle and enter the other to continue your journey; it's that simple.

When the Gardeners wish to assist in changing mankind's evolution without being known they use transmigration. Because the process of passing on information is very important they don't have time to waste going through childhood, so therefore, another spirit will undergo that process, getting the physical body ready for another spirit to inhabit at a later date.

Once the body has reach a sufficient mature age between 30 to 45 years, has gained the required skills and the time is right, the transmigration process then takes place and the new spirit can then get on with the task in hand without any delays. The only down side I know is taken from Tibetan Sage, page 66 "later on you will inhabit one of these bodies for a year less a day. The day is because the bodies would only last three hundred and sixty-five days without having certain intricate things happen to it. So it is better to have the take-over to last a year less one day. And then - well, the body which you are still occupying would get into the stone coffin, shuddering at the coldness of it, and gradually your astral form would emerge from the substitute body and would enter your own body and take over all its functions, all its thoughts, and all its knowledge. And on that now would be superimposed all the knowledge that you had gained during the past three hundred and sixty-four days". We also know that after occupying a normal body over one year, it then becomes the occupant's body until death as Dr Rampa inhabit the physical body of Cyril Henry Hoskins in his third transmigration.

Here are a few famous people who underwent transmigration;

  • • Abraham
  • • Moses
  • • Gautama
  • • Jesus
  • • Mohammed
  • • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • • Shakespeare (that's how the books were written)
  • • Gandhi
  • • Dr Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (Three times - it's all in his books, but read Hypothesis to know more)

Television: today is sadly not used for education in a way it could and should. It's used either for soaps or to glorify other people's misfortunes and misery for ratings. Television could be so informative and cultural, but sadly it's not. Many people are more interested in what's on the TV than anything else in their lives, it's taken over their lives and they believe in everything the TV tells them; how sad is that? Radio on the other hand is far better as it gets you thinking.

The majority of television programmes today just glorify crime, vandalism, swearing, selfishness, and sex. TV celebrities are also a curse as they forget that they are supposedly to be role-models for their viewers and yet we constantly hear about their falls from grace because of drink, drugs or sex. Is it then not surprising that many youngsters stray because they copy these celebrities and their habits?

Trees: now this may surprise you. Why are we talking about trees? It’s very simple; trees serve a global purpose which science and mankind either cannot see or fails to understand. There is more to trees than what first appears.

Trees, can and do, bring atmosphere to a devitalised zone. They also provide a habitat for birds and insects, they absorb CO2 and create oxygen, but another main function is to control the weather. Algae are the biggest producer of oxygen on this planet which should also be used to help maintain an ecological balance. Humans must learn to work with Mother Nature and not try and control her.

Mankind is continuously destroying acres of woodlands just to appease the press and their insufferable daily publications. Why can’t the press use recycled paper? or why do we even need the press? and the Amazon forest is now being decimated for Soya plantations. Amazing how vegetarians complain about the killing of defenceless animals and yet they are quite happy to butcher other living things without another thought when it suits them. Vegetables, plants and trees can all feel pain as can any living creature.

Electronic devices have been created and developed which enables us to actually see and hear what a plant or tree feels when cuttings are being taken. Not only can we see the stress placed on the plant or tree before the cutting takes place, but it's possible to actually hear the plant or tree scream in pain when cuttings are taken.

We need billions upon billions of trees planted to help towards restoring the Earth's ecological system and it can be done.

Many governments are now complaining that after only planting a few hundred trees, it's not worked towards reducing CO2 levels. Seeing that we are felling more trees than we are physically planting, it's therefore obvious why trees cannot even help towards reducing CO2 levels. The main cause of global warming they ignore and leave unchecked, uncontrolled human population growth. Humans are the sole cause of global warming.

Vitamin pills: and such like - are another real fad. There is a grave misconception that one can just take a few pills and everything is fixed overnight. If only people would eat and drink properly they wouldn't need all these pills unless they were seriously ill.

Such pills are only required if you are really run-down due to a serious illness and in need of help in recovering and not because you feel slightly exhausted. It is a medical fact that the physical body only absorbs less than 1% of any multivitamin pills, so why bother with them? Eat and drink correctly and you will get all the right vitamins you need without pills as your health will improve.

They are NOT to be taken as a substitute for actual food or just when you feel like it - as many try and do. For those who constantly take such pills on a daily basis you will encounter mayor problems later in life because your body becomes dependant on them, just like a junkie does with drugs. They can be just as bad as drugs when abused.

Wars: For countless centuries war has enraged on one part of our planet or another, and sadly still does today as you read this! For countless centuries humans, have used any excuse to mercilessly kill others! For countless centuries humans, have not learnt anything from this uncivilised action! What makes it worse is that some have used God as an excuse to kill others, and NEVER throughout history has any God authorised humans the right to pointlessly kill other humans, and God NEVER will!

Regardless of the reasons for starting a war, wars only solve one problem: population control. So why do we constantly repeat this vile act on each other? Are humans truly completely stupid? Have we not learnt anything throughout time? It certainly does look that way! Wars usually happen because global population control is not in place. Liberated Uncontrolled population growth means that when a country becomes over populated they have to take over their neighbours' like, for example, China with Tibet.

What we need is less negative action and more positive action, but how can we all as individuals achieve this?

Some have said Unconditional Love is the answer, but perhaps that's trying to run before we have learnt to walk because many don't truly understand it. For anything to grow it has to start life as a small seed, and depending on the quality of the seed, the nurturing, it becomes something strong and powerful we can all attach importance to.

So what seed can we use to help everything on a global scale that everyone can nurture? Well it's quite simple and has been around for some time, albeit forgotten by many and unknown to some. This cannot be forced on anyone as they have to want to do it freely. You are forbidden from taking any financial or materialistic reward for the action in question and in that very accomplishment lies strength. This works well when you apply the act to complete strangers and not family or friends.

"One good deed a day". This is an old saying which when applied can do wonders for everyone all over the globe; regardless of sex, age or belief. Not only for you, but the person receiving the good deed, because applied correctly it cascades and grows in strength. Don’t panic, I’m not asking anyone to part with any money; in fact, all I ask is that once a day you try and achieve this very simple goal. Nobody can say it’s impossible because we can all do this regardless of sex, age or belief. Before we do, I think we should explain what a good deed is by giving some examples:

  • • Thinking of others before self.
  • • Showing care and consideration to everyone.
  • • Leading by good honest examples.
  • • Helping the elderly or infirmed without being asked.
  • • Helping defenceless animals.
  • • Helping your environment.
  • • Giving up your seat on a bus or train.
  • • Caring or looking out for a neighbour.

When you perform this very simple act you will feel better in yourself, and in turn the person receiving the deed will also feel good. In the majority of cases the person receiving the good deed will then perform a good deed for someone else, that person then will then perform another good deed on someone else; and so, it continues. As it slowly cascades, gaining strength as it goes, and if we all continue this process every day without fail, we will have achieved something great and powerful that may just prevent another global war. With time and continuous positive action, this act can prevent wars completely. The experienced way of resolving any differences, is by learning to compromise; war is NOT a compromise!

Always try and think positively; because by hurting others, you significantly hurt yourself spiritually.

Woman's Liberation: Dr Rampa detested such women the lowest form of human existence, read "Twilight" as he wondered if their title of "Ms" stood for "Mainly Stupid". However, before you all write in complaining let’s look at the very bigger picture. Women have the most important role in life and the majority of women are disregarding that role. Women are in every way equal to men, but they are each different creatures, almost a different species some could say. Men are suitable for some things, women are suitable for others. Each is one half to a greater whole, neither can survive without the other. So why don't women do their particular task and look after the nation, look after the discipline and training of the forthcoming race? Something which a woman was perfectly designed to do and not waste time thinking she’s a man.

The Gardeners, thanks to Doctor Rampa, have identified a serious flaw as originating in women. Now this doesn't mean men are perfect, far from it as they also have their flaws. It originates because the sex of our species that gives birth is woman. Women have an extremely vital role in life, if not the most important role of either sex, that the majority of women are disregarding. Read "Beyond the Tenth", chapter five. A woman’s place is in the home for the nurturing, disciplining and educating of children during their upbringing and not left to nannies, neighbours, and such like.

In the hurly-burly of getting from the astral world to that world we call Earth, problems can occur throughout the pregnancy as the mother may have been rather careless about what she was eating and drinking. So the baby has not received what one might term a balanced chemical input, but the main problem is also in the birth itself. Being born is avery traumatic experience, it's a most violent affair, and a very delicate mechanism can easily become deranged.

Today hospitals and women are not working with nature when it comes to giving birth. They induce births by abnormal means so the baby arrives when they think it should and not when nature says it should. Thus violently upsetting this delicate mechanism, and in many cases destroying the individual's programming completely. This in turn is stopping him or her from achieving their primary goal in life. Homosexuals are also fashioned due to an error whilst within the womb; read more about this within Homosexuals as these are all real facts and not just a lowbrow cracks at women. A woman's place IS in the home for the nurturing, disciplining and educating of children during their upbringing.

Today we clearly have women having children without any knowledge or interest on how to bring up those children. Both parents being at work the kids are more or less abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves, left to live under the domination of stronger characters all too often evil delinquents. So obviously if there is no parental guidance, discipline or love, what do you expect? The so-called parents return from work only to rush off to the bar or night club, disregarding their parental duties completely. To make matter worse is when the children themselves have children, bringing up their kids in just the same way as they were dragged up, a never ending cycle which must stop!

Without any discipline we have the juvenile delinquency of today, frequently running out of control, gangs of hoodlums running about the streets engaging in vandalism or beating up old people just for the fun of it, and now more women commit social crimes than men. Many women at this point might think this whole paragraph is very sexist, however it's certainly not when you look at the bigger picture. You are forgetting that in this life you may be female but in the next you could very well be male as it all depends on what lessons you have to learn. Seeing that we ALL have to live many lives as both male and female it can never be a sexist remark because WE ALL GO THROUGHT IT in those many lives.

In today’s world this can be difficult where commerce rules and demands that both parents work, this was brought on by the 1st world war, but it cannot continue and must change. If you are a career person, i.e. no desire for children, then this doesn't apply to you. It’s all about women taking care of themselves during their pregnancy, at the birth of their child and taking their parental duties seriously. Parents (both sexes) should be taking responsibility for their children and NOT leaving them to fend for themselves or with some ignorant other, thus creating the juvenile delinquency we have in today’s world. Therefore we have to start at the source which is woman. Many women have a successful career life after the children are old enough to fend for themselves, but within the home a woman should rule.

Yin & Yang: This is the whole force of the Universe. The Yin, which is passive, female, and negative, and the Yang, male, which is positive and continually assertive. Two halves of a whole and neither is better than the other. Throughout history women and men have been battling each other without knowing why, when they should be focused on working together as two halves of a greater whole.

Yoga: There is nothing spiritual about Yoga today, read The Saffron Robe, chapter twelve. Yoga is all about disciplining the actual physical body, much like martial arts, but they both help towards disciplining the mind which must be ordered before going forward.

Traditional Hatha Yoga - the most popular - is a holistic yogic path which includes moral disciplines, physical exercises, and Pranayama – which is breath control - and Mystical Meditation. The Hatha yoga - predominantly practiced in the West - consists of mostly postures and exercise, as do the majority of all forms of yoga today. Hence my comments about it being nothing spiritual which is very true because they have removed the important spiritual parts.

Now, if we include that which has been omitted today – Pranayama and Mystical Meditation – then it does have validity that it's spiritual. I have no doubt somewhere in the East there are teachers who still teach the spiritual way, but they are a minority and usually well out of reach to any Westerners. Yoga today then is simply a physical exercise to prepare the mental mind for spiritual input. Even Buddha said that Yoga was not spiritual.

These are Dr Rampa's final words on Yoga: "It is, of course, a very great science and one which can improve a human almost beyond belief. My own personal opinion is that yoga is not suitable for Western people without very considerable modifications".