Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

Gardeners of the Earth

Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
We fear that which we do not understand

History claims that humans evolved from primates, yet this claim is nothing more than an erroneous assumption based on no real facts. All life was placed on Earth by beings from outer space, and that can be proved! Whilst the stock has been replaced many times over the millions of years. You find that hard to believe? That's to be expected when you blindly believe the historic inaccuracies taught in schools and universities. Read the facts engraved upon the Sumerian tablets that corroborates what Dr Rampa wrote. The Sumerian tablets have been translated by Zecharia Sitchin whilst Michael Tellinger has written an incredible book titled "Slave species of Gods" that goes into great detail about the beings that many humans called Gods and why they "genetically modified" us humans that gave humanity a huge leap in our evolution. This leap created the elusive “missing link” that science has been seeking and could never explain; not that we did evolve from primates. There is a huge difference between God and god that Michael explains very well. Zecharia Sitchin has written many books about the Sumerian Tablets, and I recommend you should continue with "The Lost book of Enki" and you must read both books mentioned to understand the truth about the origins of today's Humanity.

There are erroneous beliefs that Adam and Eve were the first humans, and yet how can that be if science claims we evolved from primates, as that would mean Adam and Eve were primates and not human? Adam and Eve is a mistranslated fable by those that didn't understand esoteric text and yet Dr Rampa explains that in detail within his books. Another erroneous belief is humans are made in the image of god, but who were these gods? It certainly was not a Supreme Being as many understand it. Note that we use god and not God, as whilst to our understanding they can perform miracles they are certainly not Gods per se, as in a Supreme Being. Allow me to clarify the origins of humanity: Actually, the first humans produced by these gods were all male called Adamu: "One who is like Earth clay" (does not mean they are made from clay, rather the flesh is like working with clay) and where the biblical name Adam stems from. The first humans were created as slaves to serve these gods. So, what about Eve? Sadly, Eve never existed as the Christian Church fabricated the name. Ti-Amat was the original name for the first female human. The Mother of modern man is Ninmah and the Mother of modern woman is Ninki. The first two intelligent humans (for that time period) were Adapta and Titi (brother and sister respectively) who mated and had two sons Ka-in and Abael (known as Cain and Abel within biblical text) and it was Ka-in (Cain) who was kicked out of the Garden of Edin (known as the Eden within biblical text) for killing his brother. All this and much more was documented and since been translated from the Sumerian Tablets; we are the 3rd cycle of sentient beings on Earth. If you do some research on the first plane that landed in a remote part of Africa you will discover the locals thought those that exited the plane were gods, as only gods can fly and arrive by air. Have you ever wondered why feathers are used to portray any given god or angel? Perhaps that was the only association humans could understand with something that could fly, rather than they actually had physical wings? Just something for you to think about.

These beings that created/placed us upon Earth are known as the Gardeners of the Earth. As the name suggests they are beings that tend a garden, and yet this garden is a garden with a very big difference to what you may understand of a garden of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. The garden in question is the whole of planet Earth and every living creature within it, whilst they watch us as we slowly try to evolve. Try is the right word as humans today are a failed species and they don't try. The Gardeners of the Earth are a group of multi-dimensional, multi-universal beings that are extremely highly intelligent. So intelligent that's its beyond human comprehension. However, to give you a very rough comparison of the difference: compare our most intelligent person today against Neanderthal man of millions of years ago; well that same comparison can be made between the Gardeners and our most intelligent person. Humanity in its ignorance has assumed it was the highest form of evolution, thus committing the ultimate sin of false pride!

The lifespan of some Gardeners is many thousands of our Earth years. They have been monitoring this planet and many millions of other planets throughout the many galaxies and universes for billions of years. Also read Hollow Earth for more related information including an admission by astronaut Edgar Mitchell from the Apollo 14 mission that beings from other planets do exist and contact has been made! UFOs (unidentified flying objects) should be renamed IFOs (identified flying objects) as some governments have made contact with them. There are more planets, more worlds, more dimensions, and more universes than there are grains of sand upon this earth. Even if you include all the sand within every desert, every beach, and for good measure all the sand on every sea bed. Because the number of universes, etc., is completely beyond human comprehension whilst living within the 3rd dimension. Read "Beyond the Tenth" for more information.

This quotation is very apt in describing humans: "I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realised that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague." The Gardeners firmly believe that this little planet is over populated with very sick humans. Mankind seem to cull anything and everything except the over populating humans, the single cause of earth's many problems.

Let me elaborate further: If you were into, as an example, husbandry and you wanted to increase your livestock you wouldn't just mate your livestock with whatever, you would try and select the best qualities available thus trying to achieve thoroughbreds - without the endemic inbreeding within Pedigree dogs today - rather than the very poor quality of humans that makes up today's society. Another example, just to drive the point home a little further. If you were creating an ideal garden you wouldn't just throw seed on the ground and walk away. Most likely you would remove most of what's growing, leaving maybe one or two good pieces of good stock, be it trees, scrubs or flowers, and then introduce fresh stock whilst keeping an eye open for weeds. These weeds would be quickly removed to the compost bin.

Historically, mainly due to misguided religions – I go into this in greater detail within Religion – and other false personal beliefs acquired from our upbringing, humans think they are the pinnacle of all species, not only on this little planet, but throughout the entire universe. That is one of mankind's many errors, if not their greatest. False pride was the original sin of humanity and not Sex as Christianity claims. Humans are just one of many kinds of species throughout the many galaxies and universes. We are certainly nowhere near the top of the tree; in fact we are much closer to the bottom. Remember that we are only in the 3rd dimension and there is a Googolplexian of dimensions above ours, so clearly we are just starting out on our spiritual adventure. Humans erroneously think that because they can achieve many things other creatures cannot humans are therefore superior. Other creatures decided eons ago that they would take a more spiritual path than that of mankind, hence they have no need for the many things humans currently value. Because humans on one hand can achieve more in a very different way we have an obligation to all other living creatures. Earth is not an exclusive club for sanctimonious conceited humans.

All living creatures can perceive their surroundings and can feel pain. Electronic devices have been created to monitor plants and it's possible to hear a plant actually scream with pain when a cutting is taken from it. Mythbusters© did a polygraph test to ascertain if a plant can really perceive its surroundings and their results were very surprising. The polygraph shows the plants knew what was going to happen to them before it physically happened, even a threat of being burnt alive cause the plants to clearly panic. They also demonstrated on many other occasions that music and talking to plants promotes growth to healthier plants. Just because their methods of senses are different to ours it does not mean that they are not conscious.

Unfortunately, when it comes to humans it's free for all and to hell with the consequences. We clearly have people having children without any knowledge or interest on how to bring up those children. Both parents being at work the kids are more or less abandoned on the streets and left to fend for themselves. Living under the domination of stronger characters, all too often evil delinquents, clearly obvious if there is no parental guidance, discipline, and love what do you expect? The so-called parents return from work only to rush off to the bar or night club, disregarding their parental duties completely. The worst part of this is when the children themselves have offspring, bringing up their kids in just the same way as they were dragged up, a never-ending cycle which must stop! Without any discipline, we have the juvenile delinquency of today frequently running out of control. Gangs of hoodlums running about the streets engaging in vandalism or beating up old people just for the fun of it. Everyone is part of a greater society and whilst being part of that wider society they have unwritten moral and social obligations to others within that society – something they so often forget with their selfish attitudes. Ordinary law-abiding citizens don't want to see their communities blighted by such people. You may be born free but you cannot live free. Not a single person on this planet lives free; think about it?

Parents too often think that they are omnipotent, the source of all knowledge, more like the source of all nonsense if the truth be known, when listening to some so-called parents today. They try to dominate their offspring they crush out and ruin any natural abilities the child may have. Parents always TELL their children without actually EXPLAINING. Explaining things is part of your parental duties. How often have we heard parents say "I told you this" or "I told you that" yet they fail to explain anything causing much confusion and deep frustration for the child. Especially when parents so often never practice that which they preach to the child. It is a very sad thing as it's adults who make it so difficult for astral people to contact this world.

Mankind must return to a religion. It doesn't matter what religion it is as long as it is a religion. Because religion gives one the necessary spiritual discipline with which one can regulate one's own physical and moral acts, as without it we cannot have any social order. Truly religious people would not put money, personal possessions and selfish needs before others. The Gardeners and numerous other beings from outer space won't fully interact with humans until humans change their ways. Humans are xenophobic, hostile towards each other, suicidal, ignorant, and constantly portraying destructive war-like tendencies. The future forward is a world without wars, without commerce and money, without selfishness, without petroleum products. Just for the record: petroleum is NOT a fossil fuel, and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Science has lied about petroleum because it doesn't know the answer to the origins of petroleum and therefore it's easier to lie than say they just don't know.

The way forward demands: unreserved affection for all living creatures, unreserved service to all living creatures, towards a state of peace and harmony without any selfish interests which are the mandatory conditions on all Alliance Worlds. This is what's meant by the Christian quotation: "The meek shall inherit the earth."

Here is a link to a real encounter of the third kind that took place during July 1961 involving Robert Renaud, an 18 year old Ham Radio Operator, electronics wizard and inventor. This is only one of many such encounters. Read "Beyond the Tenth" chapter four for more UFO/IFO related information.

One good piece of news is that the Gardeners of the Earth will return to help mankind in the future. They are much closer that you think and I will tell you where towards the end of this page. Our little planet is very sick and in need of urgent help, but unless we humanity can accept that we are sick, whilst accepting any help offered when it comes, we won't be going anywhere fast. Read "The Hermit" chapter six. If you don't believe that this planet is sick you must live a very secluded and blinkered life. The Gardeners, thanks to Doctor Rampa, have identified this serious flaw as originating in women; now this doesn't mean men are perfect, far from it. Women have an extremely vital role in life, if not the most important role of all, that the majority of women are disregarding. Read "Beyond the Tenth" chapter five. A woman's place is in the home for the upbringing, nurturing, disciplining and educating of children during their upbringing and not left to nannies, neighbours and such like.

Many women at this point might think that last remark was very sexist, and many of you certainly wrote and said so, however it's certainly not when you look at the bigger picture. Humans alternate between the two sexes depending on what lessons they are here on Earth to learn. So during your many thousands of reincarnations YOU choose what sex you are going to be BEFORE you arrive on earth, so stop complaining as you picked your sex! If you are a career woman with no desire for children, then this doesn't apply to you. It's all about women taking care of themselves during their pregnancy, at the natural birth of their child, and taking their parental duties seriously. Parents should be taking full responsibility for their children and not leaving them to fend for themselves, thus creating the juvenile delinquency we have in today's world.

If mankind doesn't change their ways the Gardeners will remove much of the world's population as they have done many times before. After all many are, or quickly becoming, nothing more than simple weeds. A weed is someone which is strangling this little planet by draining all and any natural resources for selfish needs, continuously polluting the planet whilst constantly working against Mother Nature rather than with her, and let us not forget that Mother Nature always wins in the end. I strongly believe that we only have one last chance to try and correct things. Read "The Hermit" to comprehend better a little more of the very, very bigger picture and mankind's very small role within it. You will then appreciate why they don't make full contact yet as it would it be like you trying to hold a conversation about physics with Neanderthal man, impossible and pointless.

Even our most advanced scientists will have their knowledge and understanding overtaxed when they do visit as their one year old knows more than our most brilliant scientists do today. However, they will come and settle with us on this little planet one day. They will offer only true help and assistance, so don't panic when they do arrive as there is nothing what-so-ever to fear. We must remember that they are the Gardeners, and such as in any garden, weeds must be removed. Another obstacle they face due to mankind's immense ignorance is when anything related to UFOs is always portrayed as beings trying to take over the planet.

If you are still unconvinced read Timeless Earth by Peter Kolosimo, a specialist on ancient civilisations and geology who corroborates much of what Dr Rampa writes in his books. Peter also provides more concrete evidence in his book which clearly proves beings from outer space have visited us on this earth and on many occasions. Peter also talks about the Ark and shows that there was around half a dozen and not just the one Christianity claims. The Bible, The Indian Mahabharat and all other religious books are full of UFO encounters and stories about the battles between the so-called gods.  One day when commerce, materialism and political power do not matter things will get better for everyone.

This next bit will certainly get you thinking; how many planets in our solar system alone are inhabited? You would probably say just the one, planet Earth but you would be wrong. Many other planets are inhabited, many just on the inside only, others on the outside yet hidden from our view. There are many planets and moons in our solar system that are inhabited. Some exist in other dimensions hence we cannot actually see or detect them with our current technology. In the same way the Earth has a twin planet; albeit in another dimension, on which occasionally the two planets intermingle by means of the Bermuda triangle and the Devil's Sea in Japan, plus many other minor sites. Here are the facts!

Here is a list of known planets that are inhabited internally because nearly all planets are hollow.

The Internal suns of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter have all been seen and well documented since the early 1600s, however many scientists still claim this it just ice. We don't have the technology available to physically visit these planets, therefore the only way to learn more about these and many other planets is to learn how to Astral travel and see for yourself, but wait... Have you ever wondered why the Space Program started, what was its purpose? Why Governments spent billions upon trillions that could have helped mankind all over the globe? Since the early days of astronomy there has been reports of various sightings in space, on the moon and other planets. Governments know that there is life within our planet and on the moon. Here is a smidgen of some interesting facts:

Dr Rampa's letter to Fred about those living on the Moon.

Many thanks to Fred for offering this information. Fred's website Artivision is advertised with Forums and Links. Also there is another site called Pegasus which hosts some many close-up images of the moon. Governments with their Militaries tried to contact those who live within our planet and were told to keep away; they didn't listen. Therefore two submarines and their crew's mysteriously disappeared, both submarines destroyed because the governments/military didn't listen. They tried with those on the moon and were informed again to keep away. So these governments/military are now trying those within Mars. Because of mankind's very destructive nature, these beings don't wish to make full contact yet. Today science is controlled by either the military, commerce, or both. Therefore they cannot be open minded as their masters demand greater power and greed. The reason for this is because the funds required for any research can be astronomical and sadly only the military or commerce have such funds.

Lenin once said: "All human conceptions are on the scale of our planet. They are based on the pretension that the technical potential, although it will develop, will never exceed the terrestrial limit. If we succeed in establishing interplanetary communications, all our philosophical, moral, and social views will have to be revised."

So why have they kept the public in the dark? False religious teachings are one reason and ignorance being the other. Throughout time religion has falsely taught people that they are one step away from being with their God or Gods. Falsely taught that humans are created in the image of said God, yet mortified to see the naked body! Falsely taught that humans are omnipotent! Falsely taught that humans are superior over everything else on this planet! Falsely taught that all other living creatures are dumb and are there for humans to do with as they see fit. Therefore the acknowledgement of any beings from outer space would contradict all their religious teachings and could create mass panic. If humans are omnipotent how can there be beings in outer space which clearly proves we're not the pinnacle of existence? They would start asking themselves questions such as: "Why did their religion not mention this? How many years have they been watching us? Where did humans go so wrong?"

Many humans assume they have only the one life on this Earth. Once that life is finished they then reside with their God, basking in God's or Satan glory for all eternity depending on their faith's teachings. Think about this for a moment, you live a single life and then it's next to God or Satan for all eternity? That should ring some alarm bells as its complete nonsense created by asinine priests who don't know any better. Reincarnation is factual and there is enough proof for those who wish to know more. In fact you reincarnate on average some 72,000 times before finally moving on to another plane of existence, never to return back to this Earth. Your spiritual self is endless and will go on forever, so please ignore the garbage that after this life you will be basking in the radiance of God or Satan because it doesn't happen that way. Every life usually last only 2,700,000,000 heartbeats unless its cut short by some unplanned accident, when natural death occurs, or that person commits the most heinous of crimes: suicide!