Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

About Us

Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
Some of us are doing our best in very difficult circumstances and our hardships were to encourage us to do better and climb upwards, for there is always room at the top

Visitors always want to know more about the people who created a website than about its contents. We are not here to advertise ourselves! What Dr Rampa has written in his 19 books is far more valuable and important to everyone than who we are, so please stay focused on Dr Rampa's teachings.

Many thanks to everyone who keep sending us their numerous invites to the various social media websites. However, we do not participate in social media websites as they hold no attraction for us what-so-ever. All invites, without exception now are treated as spam! If you disagree with what Dr Rampa wrote we fully accept that's your opinion, something you are entitled to and we don't hold it against anyone. Therefore, please be sociable and polite when emailing us else all further emails you send will be treated as spam and go unread.

Our personal website has been primarily designed to provide an ideal starting point into further understanding the many obscurities of metaphysics without the many superfluous frills that many web sites have today. This is us (us equals all those who contributed to this website) keeping the candle Dr Rampa lit alight. A candle that will help you understand the path without having to curse the darkness as so many do in today's world when it comes to spiritual matters. This website presents and discusses the writings of Dr Lobsang Rampa for both those familiar with his writings as well as many new readers of all ages from early teens to the elderly. As one of many ardent followers of his writings, with many other like-minded people globally, we present this website in as many various languages as possible. Dr Rampa did have the unique ability, and compelling desire, to make it simple and understandable to all because he wanted everyone to know and understand without any superfluities or pompousness what is a birth right of everyone.

Most paragraphs are purposely kept short so online translators perform a better job at translating. We do realise that online translators do not always translate grammar well but such is life and why we prefer native people to translate this website into their language. This website has grown from a single language into that it is today and we are very happily giving credit and our warmest thanks to all those people who have contributed in some way towards its current development. I would like to thank a few important people who wanted to make a true difference for others.

We would like to offer our warmest gratitude to those that have donated towards the upkeep and essential improvements to this website for everyone’s benefit. We will not disclose publicly what monies were donated yet those that did donate a "considerable" amount do get to see how the money is being used. Suffice to say we have renewed the website for the next five years and soon we shall be improving the translation for various languages.


However, there is still much more to do to this website as it's far from being fully completed. More books are coming in other languages. At times it seems like a never ending task yet a very worth-while task from the many emails of thanks and gratitude we have received from all over the globe. Without any doubt it's been the thanks and gratitude that's kept us going, so our sincerest and warmest thanks to each and every one.

This website is obviously about promoting Dr Rampa and his teachings through his nineteen books. Therefore, it does not have any adverts or social media links and never will! All advert requests and social media invites are treated as spam and we never read them, so please don't bother sending such emails.

This website was originally written in English only, yet in just over a decade later it has expanded into 36 languages (2 of the languages the books were never written in.) We have had to surmise about the missing languages to complete all 38 Dr Rampa's books in which they were written.

One goal we desire so much is to have all the books in every published language. Certainly a very hard goal to achieve as many books have ceased publication and only available either in private collections or some libraries we cannot access. We do know that more Persian books are available via Iraq’s central library yet we cannot read the language to obtain copies. We are the primary source for anything Dr Rampa related as so many people across our globe still seek his books to understand the truth. If you can find copies of his books that we do not have please let us know. What’s written within Dr Rampa’s books can help everyone understand what is a birth right.