Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.


Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
Anything you do here benefits your Overself and so benefits you because you are the same thing

The correct translation of Om! Mani Padme Hum! actually is Hail to Mankind's Overself! the part of you that you should be praying to, via your subconscious. Sadly, it was mistranslated as: Hail the jewel in the lotus, as most people believe.

All religions talk about a One God and yet people assume it's making reference to a Supreme Being. Whilst this assumption is not far off the mark, it's not quite the Supreme Being most people think. Your spiritual body is merely an extension of your real self, that real self which is called the Overself. The Overself send out a pseudopod, something that many call the Soul or Psyche, which inhabits the physical body so it can experience and learn that which cannot be learnt within the spiritual planes. Knowing about the existence of your Overself is hugely important, as you are currently only 1/10th conscious whilst your Overself is fully 10/10th conscious. Before we go any further we should try and establish a platform of understanding, a point of reference, so we don't confuse you.

Most people would like to think that they know what God is and yet the closest being to you that we could term a God is your own Overself. Sadly, many have little or no idea of what it is or that it even exists! Your physical body is not the real you as it's just a Shell to enable part of the real you to be on this planet. There is a God, a good God, a fair God, but of course God is not the same as a human. It is useless to attempt to comprehend what God is when most people cannot even comprehend their own Overself. Just as you cannot comprehend your Overself, nor can you comprehend the Overself of your Overself, but we are going into realms quite beyond human comprehension whilst existing within the 3rd dimension and its limitations.

Your Overself resides in the 10th dimension whilst you live here in the 3rd. You are a multi-dimensional being, however most people don't understand what a dimension is. We should digress and elaborate on dimensions before continuing with the Overself. We currently live in the 3rd dimension but let's start at the 1st and explain up to the 3rd dimension. It's pointless talking about dimensions between the 4th and the 10th because there is no point of reference. You can only start to comprehend beyond the 3rd dimension once you can consciously astral travel into the 4th dimension.

Time is just a convention established by mankind to suit his convenience, mainly today for commerce. Time on Earth cannot be found anywhere in any other dimension, therefore it's not real time. Real time is Space Time, something science knows very little about. Time on Earth is relative to each creature so it's certainly not a fixed perception as many believe.

Some interesting facts regarding dimensions:

This is why some UFOs are seen and not registered on radars as you are seeing the 3rd dimensional shadow of a 4th dimensional object that current technology cannot monitor.

Another interesting fact: when you reach the 9th dimension you exist face to face with your Overself/God. Only within the 9th do we get to fully understand the cosmos.

Now back to establishing a platform of understanding. We can liken the Overself to a brain, in this case your Overself is a very powerful brain, far too powerful to actually come down to such a lower plane of existence and therefore it just send down an extension of itself which is you. However, let us use your brain for this explanation.

Visual image of the Overself managing its many puppets

The Overself managing its many puppets.

Your brain by itself cannot do very much. The brain cannot see, hear, feel, touch, smell etc. So, for our brain to understand and experience its surroundings it needs a variety of extensions attached to the physical body. Those extensions you know as eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue, arms, legs, fingers, etc., until each and every part of your body serves a purpose for the brain to perceive and understand its surroundings; such it is with your Overself. You are just an extension of your Overself as your fingers are to your physical body. You and your Overself are the same thing and by injuring yourself you injure your Overself.

Let's assume your brain has a string of ambitions. It wants to know what things are like on Earth, what is poverty? What is wealth? What is famine? What is plethora? What is adversity? What are privileges? To enable your Overself to fully experience and understand all these extremities and many other extremities it sends down an extension of itself into a physical body so it can learn. All the various parts of your physical body allow the Overself to gain experiences and knowledge whilst here on Earth.

Aristotle is credited with the traditional classification of the five sense organs: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing. Through the various extensions connected to the brain is the brain able to perceive and experience its surroundings. Humans also have awareness of balance, pressure, temperature, pain, emotion and motion all of which may involve the coordinated use of multiple sensory organs; likewise, so can your Overself via you. Doctor Rampa talks about the Overself throughout many of his books. Your Overself hears, sees and experiences everything you do whilst on this earth. So, there is absolutely nothing you can do which remains unknown to your Overself. Your whole existence is stored within your subconscious. Your subconscious resides between you and the Overself. Dr Rampa explains in detail how to communicate with your Overself via your subconscious.

Your subconscious is like a good Librarian. The librarians do not need to know much themselves, as their real value is in knowing where to find certain information on request and without delay. Therefore, librarians can be consulted about a problem and they can tell you where the book is on the library shelves. They can also tell you what other types of books will give further information on that you seek. The subconscious is much like the librarian. The subconscious is a pretty dim sort of individual, but it knows exactly how to get the information you want. So, if you get in touch with your subconscious you will find you get results far more quickly than if you waste energy trying to contact your Overself directly.

"Spirit Guide" are two words that have been misused over time to express one of two things. The words Spirit Guide has been used correctly to make reference to our Overself. Sadly, they have been used to make reference to a spiritual being which watches over that individual, and yet this latter view is erroneous. People want to know about their Guide, their Master, their Keeper, their Guardian Angel or whatever you want to call it. Many people believe they have a Spirit Guide because they feel insecure. Perhaps because they feel lonely or they are sure they cannot manage without help.

Going off on a tangent for a brief moment. There are real "Spirit Guides" but they look after the planet as a whole and are not here for humans. Very young children can see them yet soon lose the ability because of the disbelief of adults. There are other kinds of entities that people mistake for "Spirit Guides," yet they are nothing less than mischievous entities passing themselves off as "Spirit Guides" to the untrained person.

A person writes and says "Oh, I have a Red Indian as my Guide; I know he is a Red Indian because he is so wise". Now let us get this straight once and for all, people DO NOT have Red Indians, Black Indians, White Indians, or Tibetans dead or alive as Spirit Guides. Actually, there would not be enough Tibetans or Indians to go around. It's like anyone saying "Oh, I was Cleopatra in my last life!" as there is no words of truth in it. Actually, the alleged Spirit Guide is just one's Overself, who really is one's Guide.

It's astounding that the Red Indian and Tibetan have been either mistreated or totally ignored by the whole world as third class citizens whilst they are alive and as soon as they are dead, idiots think they have one as a spiritual guide. What makes you think that just because they are dead, that they have become spiritual teachers? Why should they bother with those who abandoned them well before they were dead? Anyone who thinks that they have a Red Indian or Tibetan Lama as a guide, or believes that are the reincarnation of someone famous is very deluded and should be locked up for everyone's safety.

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