Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

Drugs & Alcohol

Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor mankind perfected without trials

Our so-called "civilised person" of today is insanely into abusing their body without knowing the full extent of the damage they are doing. Not only to their physical body, yet more towards the spiritual body and their Overself. Some people have mentioned that these evils are only some of the numerous challenges placed here for mankind to overcome, and whilst it is true that you do have to learn to overcome many bad things in life, partaking in foolish acts that purposely harm your physical, spiritual and Overself are certainly not. Partaking in either of these stimulants are indicators of mankind's folly, as well as their stupidity.

If you partake in recreational drugs, alcohol you will be spending quite some time in special astral hospitals to correct the damage done, and then you pay for your stupidity in your next few reincarnations. Also, read Diets and Fasting for more information about the so-called food you eat. Read Breathing and Exercise for further information about improving one's health without pills.

Drugs and alcohol are terribly harmful to you and yet people continue regardless. Perhaps because they cannot, or will not, see the damage being done or just crave the sensation those things give? If you want to injure yourself that's your own choice, but it is not a good thing to injure your Overself, your other 9/10th. Down here on Earth you are only 1/10th conscious so you do not know what the other 9/10th desire to learn; and it's certainly not drugs or alcohol. Drugs, alcohol and even smoking (due to the chemicals within tobacco today) just tangle the Silver Cord making depressions and twists in the aura that create harmful scars on the spiritual body and Overself. This also prevents you from developing spiritually.

Ask yourself this question: would you pour sulphuric acid over your skin for fun? No sensible person would and yet by taking drugs, alcohol you are mutilating your physical and spiritual bodies yet more importantly the Overself, in just the same way as if you poured sulphuric acid over your physical body. Because if you take drugs, alcohol, you are altering your physical and astral vibrations artificially whilst you are making it almost impossible to develop spiritually.

Let's look at some interesting drug and alcohol related facts:

Many premature births or babies born with severe birth defects can be due to the mother being careless during pregnancy. Either by taking drugs, drinking alcohol and even smoking at the many party's young women attend these days, as if they only live for such events? Purely a selfish act showing no concern to the offspring she's carrying. If anyone wishes to know more about drugs and the effects they have on any individual there is a website with much valuable information on drugs called "Talk to Frank" this site gives real information on what each drug is, what it looks like, and how it affects the physical body. For alcoholics, there is a website "Alcoholics Anonymous" which has lots of information. For smokers see your local doctor.

Project Prevention is another way of helping Alcoholics and Junkies. Unfortunately today we now see countless children whose lives have been left in complete ruins by selfish parents who continue with drugs, alcohol whilst clearly showing zero care or concern for their offspring. Anyone who is into illegal drugs, alcohol or smoking should not be allowed to have children. Drug and alcohol addictions are hereditary and a child born to such a parent automatically has a drug or alcohol addiction through no fault of their own. Drug and alcohol addicts need constant care and supervision to overcome their ailment, even if it means being locked away for their own good. It's now been medically established that alcoholism is hereditary, and it's called Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. With drugs it's Foetal Drug Addiction and with smoking it's Foetal Tobacco Syndrome.

How many times after a so-called good night out drinking alcohol have you returned home and experienced that the whole room was spinning? Well it was not the room that was spinning, it was your spiritual body trying to get out of the wretched sick physical body which has been infected by drugs or alcohol. Your Spiritual body knows if it stays around it's going to get badly damaged and wants out. There is no sense whatever in injuring your physical body just in search of fresh sensations which are just false sensations. Giving up drugs, alcohol or even smoking has nothing to do with will power as unless you can visualise yourself free of such evils you never will be. In a battle between will power and visualisation, visualisation always wins. In the battle between reason and emotion, emotion always wins.

Do-Gooders: In today's society there are too many do-gooders. These are individuals with good intentions yet with very little thought behind their actions. Whilst both Alcoholics and Junkies are a scourge on society they certainly need help yet we are not really providing any real help. The real help they need is in getting them to help themselves overcome their addiction.

These people must first accept that they are very sick and in need of vital assistance. Willing to accept any assistance offered, yet they must comprehend that they themselves must also make an effort and not expect everything handed out on a silver platter. Also, due to this unwarranted abuse these individuals are now taking more time off work due to their addictions. In essence they are becoming unreliable, a real nuisance. Is this really the type of person you wish to share your society with?

If they are willing to help themselves, and I don't mean at stealing other people things to feed their horrible habits, then yes, offer help. However, if they can't be bothered to even lift a finger to start helping themselves get any better then the only option left is to leave them to suffer: at times you have to be cruel to be kind as in essence they are just weeds.

If you wish to change your life and learn more about metaphysics you cannot indulge in either drugs, alcohol or smoking as they all defer any spiritual advancement.