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The Blog

Some of us are doing our best in very difficult circumstances and our hardships were to encourage us to do better and climb upwards, for there is always room at the top!

Welcome to the Blog. Whilst the purpose of this website is to attempt to present Dr Rampa's writings in as clear and concise a manner as we can. We will be thoroughly discussing the contents of Dr Rampa's books that we know were written in 38 languages. We have managed to discover a total of 30 within Foreign Book Titles and Research Material (including the respective webpages for the other 11 languages.) We do realise that some of these books in the various languages have ceased publication yet some language titles we may never find, but we live in hope.

Here is where we highlight recent updates, forthcoming planned changes, proposed ideas or suggestions, everything that's relevant to this website in all its many languages. We made it clear within About Us that it's not just a single person now creating this website, it’s a collective effort by many likeminded ardent followers of Dr Rampa from all around the globe. Collectively we are Feeding the Flame to a candle Dr Rampa lit many years ago, a candle that will light the way forward for those willing to open their minds. Some entries may be from the many other people who have helped towards making this website what it is today in other languages.

Updates to this page should be quarterly yet can be monthly for any major changes. As you will read, there is still lots to do, a never ending task!


This will be the last update for this version of our website, as in January 2017 there will be a whole new website. This new website will be designed completely different with many improvements. Without wanting to reveal much, we can say we are going from 12 to 30 languages, hence why it’s taken much time to complete. It’s certainly going to be worth the wait as it’s going to be visionary.





  • All three audio files by Dr Rampa, Meditation, Intro, and Prayer, have all been processed so he does not sound like he's been inhaling Helium. You will have read within his books that because of torture during WW2 he was forced to talk slowly.



  • Toutes les versions de livre intitulé « Histoire de Rampa » ont été mis à jour.



  • Changing hosting plans we had to change our email address for Touchstone orders.
  • Cambio de planes de alojamiento tuvimos que cambiar el correo electrónico para los pedidos de Piedras de Toque.
  • Modification des plans d'hébergement, nous avons dû changer votre adresse e-mail pour Pierres de Touche commandes.
  • Alterando planos de hospedagem tivemos que mudar seu endereço de e-mail para encomendas Pedras ao Toque.
  • Cambiare piani di hosting abbiamo dovuto cambiare il tuo indirizzo email per gli ordini di Pietre di Carezzare.


  • Alcuni nomi di libri sono stati cambiati per abbinare i titoli in inglese, eppure visualizziamo entrambi i titoli. Libri hanno ora le nuove copertine sul titolo della pagina web Materiale di Ricerca






  • The webpage titled "About Me" has been renamed to "About Us" as it now a joint effort by various dedicated people from all over the world.


  • The webpage titled "Other Rampa Books" has been renamed to "Mama Ra'aB Rampa" and the two books written by Buttercup have moved to the webpage titled "Buttercup".



  • I would like to thank Lucia who is searching for the books in Italian; and found many, and who is going to correct the Italian translation. Lucia has also offered to translate the German.
  • Materiale di Ricerca Più libri gratuitis


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