About Us

About Us

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Visitor always want to know more about the people who created a website rather than its contents. However, as we are not here to publicise ourseves. What Dr Rampa wrote within his 19 books is exceedingly far more valuable and important to everyone than who we are, so please remain focused on his teachings.

Many thanks to everyone who keep sending me their numerous invites to the various social media websites. However, we do not participate in social media websites as they hold no attraction for us what-so-ever. All invites, without exception, are treated as spam! Nonetheless, I have now made a compromise. At the bottom of this page is a badge to indicate how safe this website is and where you can post "constructive" comments by using your Facebook accounts and if it get's abused we will remove it without warning. If you disagree with what Dr Rampa wrote we fully accept that's your opinion, something you are entitled to and we don't hold it against anyone. Therefore, please be sociable and polite, allow others to express their opinions without any unkindness or crass remarks.

Our personal website has been primarily designed to provide an ideal starting point into further understanding the many obscurities of metaphysics without the many superfluous frills that many web sites have today. This is us (us equals all those who contributed to this website) keeping the candle Dr Rampa lit alight, a candle that will help you understand the path without having to curse the darkness as so many do in today's world. This website presents and discusses the writings of Dr Lobsang Rampa for both those familiar with his writings as well as new readers. As one of many ardent followers of his writings with many other like-minded people globally to present this website in as many various languages as possible. Dr Rampa did have the unique ability, and compelling desire, to make it simple and understandable to all because he wanted everyone to know and understand without any superfluities or pompousness, what is a birth right of everyone.

Most paragraphs are purposely kept short so online translators perform a better job at translating. I do realise that online translators do not always translate well, but such is life and why I prefer native people to translate this website into their language. This website has grown into that it is today and we are very happily give credit and our warmest thanks to all those people who have contributed in some way towards its current development. I would like to thank a few important people who wanted to make a true difference for others.

We have to rely on the very kind generosity of other people for any language translations, therefore, please have patience when some webpages have not been translated yet as it's a mammoth task to complete, especially single handed as many have done or doing. This website is currently in thirty languages. Every different language on this website now uses their own native characters for webpage titles rather than imposing English characters as before. Each language complies with ISO 639-1 alpha-2 standards.

There is still much more to do to this website as it's far from being fully compelted. More books are coming in other languages (Foreign Book Titles) that require converting into various formats and we need help. At times it seems like a never ending task yet a worth-while task from the many emails of thanks and gratitude we have received from all over the globe. Without any doubt it's been the thanks and gratitude that's kept us going, so our sincerest thanks to each and everyone.

This website is obviously about promoting Dr Rampa, his teachings with his nineteen books, therefore, it does not have any adverts or social media links and never will! All advert requests are treated as spam and I never read them, so please don't bother sending such emails.

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