Stones are materials which can exert a very great influence upon us, upon our thoughts, upon our health.

Dr Rampa’s world famous Tranquiliser TouchStone is now available again thanks to two unselfish people, Margaret who provided her TouchStone to model from, and Pete who is now making copies of it. These TouchStones are individually hand made to order from the original, but with the name Rampa replaced with the OM symbol, as per Dr Rampa’s original TouchStone design. Photo's below.

During their making every precaution has been taken so there was no direct physical contact with the TouchStone so when you receive yours YOU will be the first person to physically handle it. The TouchStone is supplied in a soft velvet drawstring pouch with an updated copy of Dr Rampa’s explanation on how to use it. Each TouchStone will be made to order and, whilst every attempt will be made to fulfil orders in a timely manner, some delays may be encountered. I have no financial gain what-so-ever from the sale of TouchStones, I am only offering you the rare ability to obtaining one today, so please don’t email me asking. I have provided an email link and clear instructions how you can purchase your TouchStone, plus postage and packaging.

Throughout the Ages, both men and women, young or old, have found difficulty in occupying their hands during moments of stress or excitement. Today’s businessman fumbles with his pen, the average layman fidgets with items in their pockets. This fumbling and fidgeting is by means a way people can gain a measure of composure and tranquillity. But centuries and centuries ago, when the world was a much wiser place than it is now, before the age of Paracetamol, Aspirin and various other tranquillising drugs, the priests and wise men had methods of calming a person who was nervous or irritable, or in some way ‘off colour.’ They made 'Tranquilliser TouchStones.' These very special stones were shaped in a particular manner so that, by gently rubbing them, one could obtain a pleasant tactile impression which soothed a troubled mind, prevented one from having ulcers, bad temper, hysteria; as many do suffer within this so-called modern World of ours.

Stones, as we have learnt, are, like all other substances, merely a mass of molecules in motion. The sensation which can be imparted to a person may be for good or for evil. There are stones which radiate misfortune and cause grave disharmony within the body. But there are also stones which make one become tranquil, and these are called 'Tranquilliser TouchStones'. In far off China, in Tibet, in the holy temples of India, and in the great temples of the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayas, priests laboriously shaped stones by hand, stones whose cunningly contrived contours comforted the human brain, and by flooding that organ with comfort and pleasant tactile sensations calmed the whole of the human mechanism. Unfortunately, the art of making such contoured-stones became almost extinct throughout the ages. People stuffed themselves with drugs to depress sensation (because we are in a negative cycle of evolution, and drugs make one ‘negative') rather than trying elevate sensations. A 'Tranquilliser TouchStone' should be held in either the left or the right hand – normally if you are right-handed, the right hand or if you are left-handed, the left hand – it does not matter which. The part with the ideograph should be face down, with the large flat end against the palm, leaving the carefully specially dished portion facing upwards so that it comes under the ball of your thumb. Then your thumb should idly follow the contours in that dished portion. You will find that comfort, ease, and freedom from worry will steal upon you, you will find that your problems will dissolve away like morning mist before the rising sun. You will find that you have such peace of mind as you have not had before.

If you practice daily you will find that comfort, ease, and freedom from worry or stress will steal upon you; you will find that your stress will dissolve away like morning mist before the rising sun. You will find that you have such peace of mind as you have not had before. TouchStones can help us quite as much as fruits and herbal remedies. It should be stated that only a suitably contoured TouchStone – such as Dr Rampa’s – should be used because the wrong sort can cause irritation instead of tranquillity.

I will explain here that TouchStones are not charms, they are not talismans. They are a specially designed device that is used by the one owner only, and that is very important because they cannot be shared between people. It will quickly generates a great force which helps that one owner achieve calmness. As thousands of letters to Dr Rampa have testified, when he was alive, they really do work.

Left/Top: Original design. - Right/Bottom: Later design with the Rampa name.

Left/Top: Current face design. - Right/Bottom: Current rear design.

TouchStone with soft bag and updated instructions.

Handmade to Order TouchStone are priced individually at £12.50 each plus postage and packaging.

How to order a TouchStone?

Please send your order by email to complete with the following essential information:

  • Quantity of TouchStones required?
  • Your Full Name and Full Postal Address?
  • Preferred Postal Method?

Failing to complete the above will result in delays to your order.

Postal Methods:

  • UK Recorded Delivery plus P&P = £4.50 for 1 TouchStone.
  • UK Recorded Delivery plus P&P = £5.00 for 2 to 4 TouchStones
  • Airmail Delivery plus P&P to Europe/Global = £4.50 for 1 TouchStone.
  • Airmail Delivery plus P&P to Europe/Global = £6.50 for 2 to 4 TouchStones.
  • AirSure Tracked Delivery plus P&P to Europe/Global = £10.00 for 1 TouchStone.
  • AirSure Tracked Delivery plus P&P to Europe/Global = £12.00 for 2 to 4 TouchStones.

Orders for more than 4 TouchStones please enquire with Pete in advance, but don't forget to inform Pete as to which Postal Method you expect?

  • Shortly after your order is received a PayPal © invoice will be sent to you by email.
  • Please note that this invoice is for immediate payment.
  • Your order for any TouchStone will not be made until the invoice has been paid in full.
  • If the invoice is not paid after 14 days a reminder will be sent.
  • If the invoice is still not paid after the reminder, a further 14 days, the invoice and order will be cancelled and you will be notified of this.
  • Should you should send a further order after any cancellation, only 14 days will be allowed before automatic cancellation without you being notified.

As these TouchStones are specially made to order with all profits going to charities there are STRICTLY no refunds!

All profit from the sale of TouchStones, after having deducted the manufacturing costs, 100% will be going solely to a Cats or Animal charities, and every 12 months we will be declaring what monies have been accrued from sales and to what charities the money has gone to. Full transparency! No one is in this for the money as we are trying to help everyone, especially cats, because "by helping others, you help yourself!"


  • Working Capital brought forward + £23.00
  • 57 TouchStones sold including post and packing charges + £932.00
  • Total income = £955.00
  • PayPal © commission - £39.13
  • Less Manufacturing - £313.50
  • Less post and packing actual - £119.13
  • Funds in Bank Current , Bank Savings and PayPal © Accounts - £483.24
  • Total available to donate to charity for 2014 = £450.00 assigned to Cat Chat.
  • Working capital carried forward + £33.24

Cat Chat letter of thanks. Many thanks to all those who purchased a TouchStones in 2015.


  • Working Capital brought forward + £33.00
  • 43 TouchStones sold including post and packing charges + £705.50
  • Total income = £738.50
  • PayPal © commission - £34.02
  • Less Manufacturing - £220.00
  • Less post and packing actual - £107.98
  • Funds in Bank Current , Bank Savings and PayPal © Accounts - £376.50
  • Total available to donate to charity for 2014 = £350.50 assigned to Animal Care Samos
  • Working capital carried forward + £26.50

Animal Care Samos letter of thanks to all those who purchased a TouchStones in 2014.


End of Year totals: 15/12/13

  • Working Capital brought forward + £42.09
  • 71 TouchStones sold including post and packing charges + £1,135.50
  • Total income = £1,177.59
  • PayPal © commission - £56.20
  • Less Manufacturing - £423.50
  • Less post and packing actual - £164.89
  • Funds in Bank Current , Bank Savings and PayPal © Accounts - £533.00
  • Total available to donate to charity for 2013 = £500.00 assigned to
  • Working capital carried forward + £33.00

Cats' Charity letter of thanks to all those who purchased a TouchStones in 2013.


End of Year totals: 31/12/12

  • Working Capital brought forward +£76.02
  • 129 TouchStones sold +£1,818.53
  • PayPal © commission -£82.58
  • Manufacturing -£709.50
  • Postage and Packaging -£168.23
  • R&D -£22.95
  • Funds in Bank and PayPal © -£912.09
  • Total Donated to Charity for 2012 = £860.00
  • Bank transfer charges -£10.00
  • Working Capital brought forward +£42.09

Funds were divided between Catwomen and PDSA. Catwomen is an individual who looks after cats at her own cost within the Canary Islands. We paid her vets bill directly that incurred the £10 bank transfer fee. PDSA cares for those with animals who cannot afford vets fees.

Lynne (Catwomen) Granger's thanks (copied from her email) "hi pete sorry for the delay, i can confirm i received 237.88 euros on 20 dec. Once again thank you for the donation, i really do appreciate it".

PDSA letter of thanks to all those who purchased a TouchStones in 2012


End of Year totals: 30/11/11

  • 160 TouchStones sold, 132 for this donation period, less packaging, postage and PayPal © commission = £1,994.66
  • TouchStone Setup, Research & Development, Manufacturing = £1,058.64
  • Funds in Bank Current , Bank Savings and PayPal © Accounts = £936.02
  • Working capital carried forward = £76.02
  • Total Donated to Charity for 2011 = £860.00 to Cats Protection.

Cats Protection letter of thanks to all those who purchased a TouchStones in 2011


Names never disclosed.

  • today my TouchStones arrived. Thank you very much for them. I suprised my loved ones with them, they and I am very happy to have and use them. I also very much enjoy you webpage!
  • I just received the beautiful touchstones, I appreciate the quick service.
  • J'ai bien reçu les 4 touchstones samedi le 10 février 2012. Merci beaucoup pour votre rapidité. Ma famille et moi sommes vraiment trés heureux d'avoir ces pierres de touche qu'il était impossible de trouver jusqu'à présent. Mille merci
  • Just a quickie to inform you that my Touchstones have arrived safely (and are already being used). Thank you once again Pete for all you did to enable me to acquire them.
  • I received the three TouchStones which are really nice. I thank you very much and wish you a good continuation.
  • Received the touchstone today - thanks very much. I purchased a touchstone over 25 years ago, and unfortunately it arrived broken. I was sent a second one, and strangely, this did not work as well as the original broken one (I eventially trashed the second touchstone). I purchased this one as I was curious how it would compare to my previous touchstones. I must say this touchstone functions as well as my broken one. I prefer the white colour, and tactlily this one seems slightly better. My earlier touchstones had the word "Rampa" underneath.
  • Just letting you know that my Touchstones arrived today. So the delivery has been quick. I am also in a country area of Western Australia so you can add 1 or 2 days extra. I cannot wait to see my Father's face on Xmas morning when he opens his parcel with his touchstone. Thank you once again
  • I do apologise for not letting you know of my Father's reaction to receiving his touchstone, but time just gets away from us all so quickly. He was speechless and very excited. We both sat down and used our stones together to make sure we were using them properly. He uses his more often than I do.
  • Just wanted to let you know that the touchstones have already arrived, thank you so much for the quick shipment!
  • I received my touchstone today, and it's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work. I really enjoy reading the excerpt from Dr Rampa that was included with it. Thank you again.
  • Yes! I did get it. It finally landed in my post box on the 27th and is thoroughly enjoyed by its new owner. :) Thank you for the great touchstone.
  • Thought I'd let you know the touchstones arrived yesterday. Mine works as well as I remember it doing.
  • Je suis heureux de vous annoncer que j'ai bien reçu les deux pierres de touche que je vous avais commandé il y a de cela quelque temps. Ma patience a finalement payé. Je suis très heureux et satisfait de ces pierres. La présentation, et la petite lettre jointe avec m'ont fait plaisir.
  • I am pleased to announce that I received the two touchstones that I had ordered some time ago. My patience has finally paid off. I am very happy and satisfied with these stones. Presentation, and the little letter enclosed with made me happy. Note: – this airmail delivery to Tahiti took almost 2 months to arrive.
  • Je viens de recevoir vos 3 pierres de touche et je vous adresse mes remerciements les plus sincères. Merci pour tout ce que vous faites et pour votre gentillesse.
  • Je vous envoie ce mail afin de vous dire que j'ai bien reçu aujourd'hui la Pierre de Touche commandée. Elle est très belle et très douce. Je vais l'utiliser avec plaisir, et tester ses effets anti-stress :) Je vous remercie beaucoup pour cet envoi. Et merci aussi pour la fabrication de ces Pierres de Touches conformes à l'originale, afin que les personnes qui le souhaitent puissent bénéficier de ses effets bénéfiques ! Meilleurs voeux pour cette année 2012, et bonne continuation à votre site ! Amicalement.
  • Today I was in front of a funny situation. I received the touchstones, in a thermal-sealed container covering the envelope of the shipment. Next to this, a note of the Mail of Argentina clearing up that - since they considered that the content of my shipment had broken - they had put it in that container to protect it! I cannot believe the silly ones that they can be! But, after all, the touchstones are already with me, both in o.k. state. One is for me, the other are for a friend of a nearly city, fanatic of Lobsang Rampa (he was who began me in the reading of his books...) So, I only wish to thank you infinitely for your kindness, and it will be until the next time... Note: – this delivery, by air mail, the Argentinean customs inspected the package, thus causing delays.
  • Hello Pete and Lee..! Thank you for the parcel, it came on the 19. of Oct now. If I may. It isn't the first time I buy the stones. Actually I bought few for about 20 years, with the "Rampa" name on them and since I like to give people these TouchStones, I had none for myself. Now I have Perhaps this is enough, but I'd like to add just few words if you don't mind. I am Icelandic and was travelling in RSA back in '90. There a woman lend me many books by Lobsang to read, but I wasn't interested at all. Then the day after I picked one up and wasn't even through the "first page" when I said to myself. "I know this man!" This was just about the strangest thing happening to me and I have always since read his books knowing that all is 100% truth. Even though I've never had any kind of teaching about what he teaches in my upbringing. The way Lobsang was met by many is truely shocking. I'm not into any of this for fashion, groups nor any of that kind. I love truth! and Lobsang, for me, is absolutely the one that lit my candle. And I'm happy about that that my son (14 years) is so willing to talk about Lobsang and read his books. Of all these progr about space, pyramids and all those science progr, I never hear anybody mention Lobsang in any ways. and I'm still waiting. Thanks again Pete and Lee..! Take care..!
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